Crowdfunding Spotlight - Millennium Blades Reprint and New Expansions

Published: July 2, 2016 11:00 AM /


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Millennium Blades is one of the best games that I've played this year, and one of my personal favorite games ever. Level 99 Games has just launched a new Kickstarter for a reprint of the game, as well as offering two new Mini-Expansions and the Set Rotation Expansion. Level 99 Games are seeking $50,000 for this second print run and have already reached it with 21 days to go. The original Kickstarter for the first print run raised just under $250,000.

Millennium Blades is a Collectible Card Game simulator; a game about a game if you will. Players collect, buy, sell, and trade cards, which they then use to compete against one another in Tournaments. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you can read our in-depth review here.

The second print run of Millennium Blades, which quickly sold out of its first printing, will not feature any changes from the first print run in the core, but will include new promos and three new expansions are being offered alongside this second run. Millennium Blades is already heavy on content, so the amount of replayability that the number of new cards offered with the expansions adds to the game is mind boggling.

The biggest expansion is entitled Set Rotation Expansion and includes more than 450 new cards. nine new Starter decks, four new player characters, five new Expansion sets, four Premium sets, three Master sets, nine new Promo sets and Boss Scenarios will make up the Set Rotation, providing a huge amount of new content for the game. The Set Rotation Expansion will also feature co-operative mode and a solo-friendly Scenario Mode for the game.

Set Rotation

The two new Mini-Expansions are entitled Fusion Chaos and Final Bosses. Fusion Chaos will feature two new player characters, two new promo sets and a set of 12 deckbox cards for the core set of Millennium Blades. Final Bosses contains four new Master-level card sets that each share a theme with a cooperative scenario from the Set Rotation Expansion.

Each Mini-Expansion will run $12, with the pair being available for $21. For $50, backers can get both Mini-Expansions and the Set Rotation Expansion. People who haven't yet been able to get their hands on the base game can get it for $80, they can get it with all three expansions for $110 and finally, there is a $150 tier that offers the base game, the expansions, art book, and a playmat.

Interestingly, unlike most Kickstarter projects now, the stretch goals have yet to be announced. Level 99 Games has a great track record though, having delivered nine previous Kickstarter projects. As of the time of this writing, this reprint Kickstarter has already reached its requested funding, so it's a safe bet that this one will be another success for Level 99 Games.

I love Millennium Blades, and I have already backed this at the $50 tier. I can't wait to get my hands on even more content for this game, and I recommend it to anyone who even has a passing interest. There is nothing else out there like it, and it's awesome, and fun, and great. I'm really excited to try out the Boss Scenarios. I love cooperative and solo board gaming, so there is nothing here that doesn't absolutely shout 'win!' to me.

What do you think of Millennium Blades? Are you going to back this Kickstarter to get your hands on the expansions? Did you miss out on the first Kickstarter and are you now going to pick up a copy of the base game?

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