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the few and cursed board game

Westerns have reliably dipped in and out of fashion over the past century and a half. While they peaked in popularity during the 1950s and 60s they have started to come back into vogue again, almost certainly thanks to games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and movies like The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. The folks over at Timberwolf Entertainment clearly agreed when they released a 6 part comic series called The Few and Cursed, about a bounty hunter in a supernatural, western-inspired world. Now Rock Manor Games have taken up the torch by launching a Kickstarter campaign for The Few and Cursed: Board Game.

Dry World

The Few and Cursed: Board Game is based on the comic series of the same name, set in a world where all of the water on the planet evaporated seemingly overnight back in 1840. Water is now the most valuable commodity on the planet, so people turned to dark arts and old curses to survive, and now the world is inhabited by dark creatures and evil beings. Players take control of Curse Chasers, bounty hunters who go after supernatural bounties to earn money, fame, and power.  In essence The Few and Cursed: Board Game is a competitive, action-adventure game in which players pick a character to control, gather their unique deck of starting equipment and then proceed to travel the wasteland to acquire water and power. Plays have to be careful however as while out exploring monster will spawn and begin to make their way to the main city of San Andreas, and if they reach the city before players can kill them then it is game over.

The Few and Cursed: Board Game - Miniatures
The miniatures included in the game are very well sculpted and capture the essence of the characters from the comic.

The new game brings the characters from the source material to life, not just with stunning artwork but with some pretty damn fine looking miniatures. Each of the four main characters will have a miniature as well as the four big evil creatures you will face. All of these miniatures arrive unpainted, so you can decorate them yourselves, or at least pay your more talented friends to do it for you. A lot of the art in the game is taken directly from the comic it is based on, so any fan of the series will find the game components and characters instantly recognizable. Non-fans will be able to connect with the universe for the first time in a spectacular way, with asymmetrical gameplay and emergent storytelling.

Tiers and Goals

There are several different funding tiers and stretch goals on the campaign which will net you some pretty decent rewards:
  • $1 - Pledge Manager Access
  • $5 - Print and Play Copy Of The Few and Cursed: Board Game
  • $59 - Print and Play, Retail Copy of The Few and Cursed: Board Game
  • $79 - Print and Play, Deluxe Copy of The Few and Cursed: Board Game including Kickstarter exclusive expansions
  • $105 - Print and Play, Deluxe Copy of The Few and Cursed: Board Game, 144-page Artbook
  • $350 - Print and Play, 6 x Deluxe Copy, 6 x Stretch Goals,
The Few and Cursed: Board Game - Cards
Encounter cards have different effects depending on the terrain of the area that you're in when you draw it.

Speaking of stretch goals, things get pretty crazy down that list too. Starting off small with a metal coin to signify the first player which unlocks at $50k, but only for those buying the deluxe copy. At $60k and $70k both editions of the game will receive 4 new jobs and 5 new shop items respectively. At $80k the deluxe edition gets 2 brand-new encounters to play out, at $90k both editions get improved card stock, and finally at 100k the deluxe edition of the game will get a whole new character to choose from at the start of the game. The campaign promises that new stretch goals are going to be added in the future, so don't forget to keep checking in to see what else you could unlock by pledging.

The campaign is already at around $23k, and getting higher every moment. If you want to be in with a chance to get your hands on some of those extra goodies you should go and pledge right now before it's too late. There are just 23 days left to go before the campaign is completed and you lose access to those bonuses forever, as they will not be coming to retail.

What do you think of the new The Few and Cursed: Board Game? Are you a fan of the original source material? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. 

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