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Who doesn't love a good adventure? Well apparently Themeborne, the company behind 2017's Escape the Dark Castle do and they're ready to prove it. After a successful campaign for both Escape the Dark Castle and the group of 3 adventure packs, Cult of the Death Knight, Scourge of the Undead Queen and Blight of the Plague Lord, they have struck again with a new campaign for the next entry in the Escape the Dark series. Escape the Dark Sector is a sci-fi take on the winning formula already used in the previous title, with some brand new features and of course new stories and artwork.

Adventure Ho!

One of the guiding philosophies Themeborne followed when crafting the original Escape the Dark Castle was that the game should be about the story, adventure, and above all atmosphere, and that seems to be the case for Escape the Dark Sector as well. The entire thing still carries over the same dark aesthetic as the first game, with artwork which seems inspired by classic choose-your-own-adventure books. Much like the previous campaign, the new Kickstarter includes the possibility of a soundtrack to accompany the gameplay, once again produced by the game's co-designer Alex Crispin. Dark Sector is also based on the same core gameplay of the previous title, meaning that it is sure to be easy to pick up, but also deep and involving.

The core gameplay may remain the same, but there are certainly some interesting new features on offer as well. Firstly the adventure is now split into three acts, which get progressively more difficult as time goes by instead of being completely randomly mixed up. The new ramping difficulty offers more tactical options to players, who may want to be more conservative with their strategy until later stages of the game. Another interesting new feature relates to combat. Being set in the future, ranged weapon combat obviously comes into play, but more than that players have more options than simply attacking and hoping for the best. Now players will be able to select from a range of combat options such as shooting, taking cover and even flanking.

Escape the Dark Sector - Contents
The artwork and components in Dark Sector look great, heavily inspired by classic choose-your-own-adventure stories.

Tiers and Stretch Goals

There are several different options for pledge tiers when you decide to back the campaign:
  • £1 Distant Star: Pledge Manager After Campaign, Digital Stretch Goals
  • £30 Level 1: 1 Copy of Escape the Dark Sector, Digital Stretch Goals
  • £35 Level 2: 1 Copy of Escape the Dark Sector, Card Sleeves, Digital Stretch Goals
  • £55 Level 3: 1 Copy of Escape the Dark Sector, 4 Terminal Play Mats, Digital Stretch Goals
  • £57 EARLY BIRD Level 4: 1 Copy of Escape the Dark Sector, 4 Terminal Play Mats, Missions Playmat, Card Sleeves, Digital Stretch Goals
  • £60 Level 4: 1 Copy of Escape the Dark Sector, 4 Terminal Play Mats, Missions Playmat, Card Sleeves, Digital Stretch Goal
There are also stretch goals on the campaign, some of which have already been reached. The campaign has already unlocked the accompanying soundtrack at 32k, as well as two novels to be written by Thomas Paul Pike who wrote the novels for the last title. The remaining stretch goals to be reached are T-shirts at 128k, a companion app for the game at 256k, and finally a full digital version of the game if the campaign reaches £1 million.


The campaign has already reached its funding goal and shot past it by quite a large margin. With 27 days to go, there is still plenty of time to snap up some great deals on the game before it goes full retail and, of course, we can all hope and pray that they reach that coveted £1 million backing mark and end up making a digital edition of the game.

Are you excited for Escape the Dark Sector? Which of the pledge levels is most appealing to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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