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clear the decks second campaign

Following the success of their Kickstarter campaign for Clear The Decks!, Crispy Games Co. is back with a new campaign for picking up optional playmats (as well as the ability to get a copy of the game if you missed it the first time around).

Clear The Decks! is a co-operative tabletop game set in the Age of Sail, a time when dozens of nations sailed the high seas with massive ships brimming with mighty cannons. Players work together to crew a ship and take down their opponent before they find themselves disabled and adrift. I got to check out this game (and meet Christopher Pinyan of Crispy Games Co.) at Play NYC 2018 and I found the concept to be well-executed and interesting to play. (I also learned that Mr. Pinyan is a massive fan of the Master & Commander books and I completely understood his passion for this genre.)

The Playmats campaign for Clear The Decks! essentially offers existing backers a way to add in new rubber playmats to their existing pledge. Alternatively, people who missed the game on its first go-around will be able to pick up a copy of it for themselves, with or without any of these neat playmats. It was launched as an easy way to respond to the demand for the game from players who missed the initial campaign or wanted to get their hands on some extras. Let's get right into breaking it down.

Backers of the first campaign can select the $10 Coxswain pledge for 2 playmats, the $20 Bosun pledge for 4 playmats, or the $35 Master pledge for 8 playmats. Previous backers will get these sent out to them at no additional shipping costs.

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As for new customers, a $29 Captain pledge will get you one copy of Clear The Decks! without any playmats. A $53 Post Captain pledge will get you the game and 4 playmats. Pledging at the $55 Commodore level will get you 2 copies of the game with no playmats. Verified game stores can grab 6 copies of the game at the $90 Admiral level and 10 copies of the game at the $150 Fleet Admiral level, both of which are available in limited quantities. Shipping costs are determined depending on what you pledge and where you having it mailed out to.

There are currently three Stretch Goals for the campaign, all of which have been met so far. The $500 and $1,000 Stretch Goals have added in 5 new cards, a felt bag for storing game tokens, and an increase of the box size to 10.75" (27.3 cm) x 10.75" in order to accommodate the new goodies. More stretch goals may be added as the campaign winds down. Finally, if you'd like to get an unorthodox mix of the game or playmats, you can shoot a message to Crispy Games. Co via Kickstarter and they'll give you a quote on the cost and shipping.

If you missed getting your hands on Clear The Decks! the first time around (or you just wanna get some neat playmats with no extra shipping charges), now's the time to get on board. Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign for the game and its new playmats and consider pledging to an interesting tabletop title. The Kickstarter campaign for Clear The Decks! and its playmats ends on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at 1:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

What do you think of Clear The Decks!? Would you want to get your hands on playmats and extras in a follow-up campaign or do you prefer to order that stuff from a store or late backing? Let us know in the comments below!

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