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Published: April 24, 2019 1:00 PM /


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Tabletop games based on FromSoftware video games have been pretty successful as a crowdfunded product, with both Dark Souls: The Card Game and Dark Souls: The Board Game receiving high praise. Naturally, Bloodborne is now getting its own board game adaptation, which is currently funded five times over its goal on Kickstarter.

You take on the role of a Hunter, with up to three of your friends, as you explore the town of Yharnam to discover the source of madness that has gripped those living there and filled the town with monsters. You'll of course have to kill many monsters, townspeople, and bosses along the way. Bloodborne: The Board Game comes with four different campaigns, each with three chapters.


In addition to campaigns, there will be a different mode of play designed for single-session plays. This sees you explore the Chalice Dungeons to fight unique bosses to upgrade your Hunter. They will release more information on the Chalice Dungeons throughout the Kickstarter campaign, and there's still a few weeks left, so a lot of information is still to come.

Each of the four Hunters are unique and have their own miniature as well. They're all representative of some iconic weaponry featured in Bloodborne, such as the Threaded Cane. They're designed with how they worked in the video game, so you can expect the Threaded Cane to be about swifter, less powerful attacks.


Combat in Bloodborne: The Board Game is designed all around the weapons that each Hunter has. Each one has at least a couple of different abilities, each of which can be modified by a card from your hand. This can add more damage to them or other effects. Enemies have their own decks as well, which determines what they are going to do, whether that be a simple attack or something a little more sinister.

There's really only one pledge (and an early bird one that's only got a short time left as of publishing), which gets you the game, all stretch goals, and all Kickstarter exclusive items for $100. In less than a day, its received over $1 million, hitting a ton of stretch goals already. We can expect a lot more in the future, as they seem to be focused on the Chalice Dungeons, with each new stretch goal delving backers deeper into their own dungeon as well. So far, there are a lot of new monsters and bosses.


Bloodborne: The Board Game is being developed by CMON, which is the company behind tabletop games like Arcadia Quest, Rising Sun, and the A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures GameCMON already has some knowledge about designing for Bloodborne as well, as they released Bloodborne: The Card Game back in 2016. They've had over 30 successful Kickstarter projects as well, so they definitely know how the process works.

If you're interested in Bloodborne: The Board Game, you still have 20 days as of publication to get your pledge in. It's well over its funding goal, so there's no worry that it won't. There's more exciting to look forward to than that, with the stretch goals continuing to climb. Their target date for backers to receive the game is May of next year, though that is always subject to change depending on circumstances.


Are you interested in Bloodborne: The Board Game? Will you be backing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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