Coverage Club

Coverage Club

techraptor hidden paws

Anyone who’s owned a cat can tell you that they are hide and seek champions, putting Waldo and Carmen Sandiego to shame. I once had a friend who did cat sitting, and the only reason he knew the (

Quarantine Circular

Today in games I've been eying for a while: a game with a plot that we are getting uncomfortably close to. Quarantine Circular is the spiritual successor to robot murder mystery Subsurface Circular.

El Tango de la Muerte Header

When I bought the 1,700+ bundle, I had no clue how to handle it. Where on Earth would I find time for all these games? How do I even start? Well good news for my life: a tool existed that

Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast

Coming to terms with someone’s passing is always difficult, even if you weren’t that close to them. We grieve for celebrities, distant relatives, and friends of friends, reminded of our own mortality

Dépanneur Nocturne

If you've ever waited for the last minute to buy a gift for someone, you know it can be a bit of a stressful situation. Trying to find that absolutely perfect item while running out of time to do so

The Flower Collectors

In 1954, Alfred Hitchcock put out Rear Window, a mystery thriller about a man who breaks his leg and, with little left to do, spends all day looking out his window at his neighbors. Along the way, he

Wintermoor Tactics Club

Sometimes I feel nostalgic for school clubs, especially when they’d all gather together for special events to promote themselves and recruit new members. It was like a bustling festival on campus

A Place, Forbidden? A Place, Fun

Trespassing is a crime. Like, an actual legal crime, but also there are some places you don't trespass for good reasons. Radioactive swamps, dangerous jungles, and hellish living libraries that are

Underhero Coverage Club

I always enjoy seeing an indie team's take on RPGs. It leads to some impressively creative efforts, the kind that reinvigorate my love for the genre. Or it leads to spectacular failures that make me