Bullet Points

Bullet Points

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning has recently come out to... lukewarm reception. The biggest knock against the game isn't against its inherent quality—in fact I'd say it's aged quite well all things

batman arkham knight batman on rooftop

Nobody but Batman can make brooding on rooftops look super cool, and the Arkham franchise does a fantastic job at making you feel like you’re out there doing the same thing. It’s good to have the

Return to Castle Wolfenstein header

On Memorial Day, we celebrate the fallen heroes who have given their life to protect our country. These heroes of war are celebrated in video games by characters like B. J. Blazkowicz, famed Nazi

ITTA, player character

The bullet-hell with Zelda-like overworld ITTA came from a development tale of personal struggle. Jacob Williams, a.k.a. Glass Revolver, began work on the game at a low point in life. The very

Luigi's Mansion 3 - King Boo chase

If you like haunted houses as much as I do, Luigi's Mansion likely holds an extra pull for you. Though the series is dispersed by release dates, they all share a common core: the timid character of

Death Stranding Highway

I walked into Death Stranding expecting to stumble. As much as I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid, I believed Hideo Kojima’s newest work would frustrate me more than entertain me. For a good while, my

Outer Worlds Roseway Combat

In comedy, you come across a pretty common mantra: Commit to the bit. Obsidian does this in spades with its most recently RPG, The Outer Worlds. The studio skewers unchecked capitalism with its

Neo Cab Map

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where one megacorporation controls almost everything in your life? Same here. That’s why I played Neo Cab, a near-future cyberpunk

Borderlands 3 Moze Gun

Borderlands 3 boasts having more than a billion guns for players to come across, and at times, it feels like that undersells the variety. The “best” guns are a mostly subjective decision, and your “

Nowhere Prophet

The world of Nowhere Prophet takes a lot of inspiration from India, where lead developer Martin Nerurkar spent some time. More specifically, Nowhere Prophet seems to be a prime example of

ffx endgame preview image

There's nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a long game—interesting characters, a complicated storyline, and more fantastic sights and monsters than you can shake a blitzball at. Final

city of heroes character creator coh

The sudden revival of City of Heroes, which began as a story of a secret private server operating for the past seven years, has been a literal homecoming for diehard fans of the popular superhero MMO

metro 2033 background artwork

Part of the fun for any post-apocalyptic setting is to see how far the worlds go in reshaping civilization. Many aspects we take for granted, from food to clothing to even pre-war relics of

forza horizon 4

There’s a lot of things that make Playground Games' most recent entry into the Forza Horizon series stand out as the strongest. The beautiful and huge rendition of the UK countryside is one of the

call of duty

It’s hard to imagine a world without Call of Duty. The massively popular multiplayer, the iconic zombies, the blockbuster campaigns—they’ve all become integral parts of gaming’s annual release

metal gear solid 1

Metal Gear Solid. Those three words alone are enough to trigger huge waves of nostalgia and fuzzy feelings for gamers all over the world. It's one of the most influential and important games in

Bloodborne Checkpoint

Alexander Pope once said that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Nowhere is this truer than the world of From Software's 2015 masterpiece Bloodborne. In the city of Yharnam, knowledge is at

shadow warrior 2013

The 2013 reboot of Shadow Warrior is a weird and fun game for many reasons. The focus on silly humor, the referential easter eggs scattered throughout the game, the obscene levels of gore. They all

jazzpunk title card

Comedy is hard. Making a good comedy game is almost impossible. Writers, artists, level designers, and game designers must work in perfect harmony to create a cohesive, engaging experience. It’s not


Probably one of the most talked-about elements of From Software's flawed masterpiece Dark Souls is its boss encounters. The game is an intentional throwback to retro-style gaming, so bosses are


There's a crucial difference between the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon trilogies: their hub worlds. The former has a world map in the first game akin to Super Mario World where you move your


When EA announced that Battlefield 1 would take place during the First World War, it seemed like it was going to be a less than enjoyable endeavor. After all, most people know of WWI as this horrific

Skyrim Special Edition

Offering dozens if not hundreds of hours of gameplay in the base game alone, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is certainly not intended to be a game for those who want to run through and save the world in

If you've ever played any kind of Role Playing Game like Skyrim or Dragon Age or Mass Effect, or for that matter, virtually any game that features non-hostile Non-Playable Characters, you may notice


With a decade of experience in creating sci-fi environments for gamers across the world thanks to the Halo series, Bungie set their sights on even grander, more distant shores with Destiny. This time

halo wars 2 ring

As the Xbox's flagship video game franchise and one of the most influential game series to date, Halo is known for many things. From recharging health systems to the popularization of console

Outlaws header

Twenty years and a fistful of days ago, LucasArts released a little game by the name of Outlaws. In case my previous two writeups on the game didn't make it clear, I love Outlaws. Honestly, it's a

rainbow six siege

There's no emotion better for a developer than paranoia. When a gamer's paranoid, they're never bored, never looking away from the screen, and certainly never shift-tabbing to respond to Steam


It's impossible to deny the influence of Hong Kong director John Woo. From The Matrix to Cowboy Bebop, it seems a good majority of pieces of contemporary action media have little traces of John Woo


As far as design trends are concerned, I've been very surprised to see player accountability and choices come to the forefront in story-based games, such as Mass Effect and the numerous Telltale