batman arkham knight batman on rooftop

Bullet Points: Batman: Arkham Knight’s Endgame

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Nobody but Batman can make brooding on rooftops look super cool, and the Arkham franchise does a fantastic job at making you feel like you’re out there doing the same thing.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein header

Bullet Points: Return to Castle Wolfenstein's Supernatural Atmosphere

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On Memorial Day, we celebrate the fallen heroes who have given their life to protect our country. These heroes of war are celebrated in video games by characters like B. J.

ITTA, player character

Bullet Points: ITTA's Ruined Landscape

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The bullet-hell with Zelda-like overworld ITTA came from a development tale of personal

Luigi's Mansion 3 - King Boo chase

Bullet Points: Luigi's Mansion 3's Haunted House

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If you like haunted houses as much as I do, Luigi's Mansion likely holds an extra pull for you.

Death Stranding Highway

Bullet Points: Death Stranding's Highway

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I walked into Death Stranding expecting to stumble. As much as I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid, I believed Hideo Kojima’s newest work would frustrate me more than entertain me.

Outer Worlds Roseway Combat

The Outer Worlds Hilariously Rewards Your Incompetence

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In comedy, you come across a pretty common mantra: Commit to the bit.

Neo Cab Map

Bullet Points: Neo Cab's Ride-sharing Management

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where one megacorporation controls almost everything in your life? Same here.

Borderlands 3 Moze Gun

Bullet Points: The Borderlands 3 Weapon Gallery

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Borderlands 3 boasts having more than a billion guns for players to come across, and at times, it feels like that undersells the var

Nowhere Prophet

Bullet Points: Nowhere Prophet's Indofuturism

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The world of Nowhere Prophet takes a lot of inspiration from India, where lead developer Martin Nerurkar spent some time.

ffx endgame preview image

Bullet Points: Final Fantasy X's Endgame

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There's nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a long game—interesting characters, a complicated storyline, and more fantastic sights and monsters than you can shake a blitzball at.