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E3 2016 - Turtle Beach Elite Gamer Pro

June 20, 2016

By: Kindra Pring


Turtle Beach offered a tech demo of their newest headset the Elite Gamer Pro at E3 this year. The Elite Gamer Pro is advertised as the first headset specifically designed for competitive play, designed to be used for long periods. Turtle Beach also showed off some of their other peripherals and an entirely new technology still in development. The Elite turtle beach elite pro tacGamer Pro has a hefty price tag, for good reasons. The big selling point is the comfort, specifically made to be worn for several hours without discomfort. The cushioning uses a gel-infused Memory Foam and the ear cups can actually be adjusted so players with glasses can adjust it to fit around hinges. There is also a quick adjustment system called ComforTech on the headband to adjust the tightness quickly. The Elite Gamer Pro is designed for eSports amateurs and pros specifically, but also had features that streamers may find appealing and is compatible on PC and with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The Elite Gamer Pro has several add-ons. The Tactical Audio Controller gives players easy control of their sound and mic output and has its own sound card in the system for PC players. You plug the Elite Gamer Pro into the controller, and it takes all the load off your PC. Like the Elite Gamer Pro, the TAC is designed with eSports and team play in mind, but streamers will find it useful. There is also a Noise-Cancelling Microphone, which can be easily swapped out with the standard that comes with the headset, an adapter specifically for the Xbox One. 

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Outside of eSports Turtle Beach has also made a mic for YouTubers and streamers, an alternative to often expensive sound setups. The Stream Mic functions similarly to mics commonly used by video content creators but is smaller and lighter. It's compatible on all consoles, PC, and Mac, and can be mounted both on the players desk and as a boom mic. Most of the settings are on the mic itself, so you can adjust them from there. The mic is less than $100 for what Turtle Beach says is near a professional studio quality. They also advertised a new headset specifically for use in virtual reality consoles for those who want better sound than that offered by the default sets. Those are both coming out in time for Christmas this year.

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That is what Turtle Beach has coming on the market. The more interesting product they showed off is still in its earliest testing phase, and it is not a headset or a mic. It is actually a whole new stereo system utilizing a very new technology. The new system uses directional sound in a sort of beam, which essentially creates the sensation that you're wearing headphones even when you are not. TechRaptor got to try out the new tech, and true to the description, the effect is solid enough that it even muffles out other sound without being overwhelming, similar to how headphones would. This system is still in experimental stages, and will likely be beyond the price range of those looking for a home stereo system. But it could be useful to content creators in the future.

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