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Risky: Work email on your personal device

Keeping your work email on your personal smartphone can be risky for you. E-Mail is the backbone of almost every business these days, allowing for

Solid State or Hard Drive disk?

Maybe you're building a new computer, upgrading one, or just curious about which is better.

What is Information Technology?

Who do you call when your server is down? What about when your wi-fi won’t connect? That’s right—you call the guys in the IT department.

12 Rules for Calling Tech Support

We already did a post a while back, titled

Increase your Productivity with Multiple Monitors

Productivity is the key to great success. Modern businesses and the world around them are quickly changing.

Spring cleaning for your PC

It's that time of the year, when you have to (hopefully) clean up the mess that your house and car have become during the freezing months of winter

Computer Pranks for April Fool's Day 2013

Are you a trickster? A joker? A pranker? Every year do you drive your friends and co-workers nuts on April 1st?

Five reasons why you should not use Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is still a browser that is shipped standard with all Microsoft operating systems, and millions of people still use it.

Ten things that tech supporters can't stand

I did this on another blog a while back, and decided to update it with what is driving me nuts now.