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outer worlds town

The Outer Worlds Vs. Fallout: Which is the Better RPG?

At first glance, The Outer Worlds looks a lot like F
overwatch 2 zen

Overwatch 2: How It Can Succeed (And Fail)

Overwatch 2 just made its official debut at BlizzCon 2019, making a grand appearance with yet another excellent animated short.
Hunie Fairy

Most Overlooked Games of 2015 - Huniepop

It is really not surprising that Huniepop was
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Endgame Overview: Loot as Far as the Eye Can See

Borderlands 3's initial impressions have been favorable, but what about when people inevitably reach the endgame?
batman epic exclusive

Get Ready for the Next Batman Game to Be an Epic Exclusive (Probably)

Are you ready for a Batman Epic exclusive?
star wars battlefront 2 1.2 update

A Look Back at Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Do You Believe in Second Chances?

Two years ago, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released to a storm of controversy.
apex legends iron crown collection

Anonymity and Mob Mentality: The Dual Nature of Apex Legends’ Asshat Gaffe

Over the past week or so, Respawn Entertainment landed in some hot water.
overwatch havana patch - overwatch all-stars skins

Overwatch 2/2/2 Role Queue: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What Needs Improvement

Overwatch’s latest grand experiment in balancing and matchmaking is now live for everyone.
Overwatch Golden Loot Box Reddit

Battlefront to Overwatch: A Look at the Current State of Games as a Service

If there were a moment in gaming history that can be likened to the opening of Pandora’s box, it might be the instant that the games as a service (
division 2 washington monument

The Division 2's First Story DLC Isn't Worth The Time It Takes To Download

The Division 2's post-launch expansion content has officially kicked off with D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions.
borderlands xbox e3 2019

Should Low Random Drop Rates Be An Obsolete Mechanic: Borderlands to Destiny and Beyond

Of all the feelings that one can get from games, few are more polarizing than beating a boss in a game that features loot.
pokemon sword and shield logo

In Defense of Game Freak - Arguing Against #BringBackNationalDex

The past month has been tough if you follow Pokémon at all.
Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite Isn't For You But It Has An Audience

Since it was announced, there's been a lot of complaints about the announcement of the

Overwatch, the Overwatch League, and the Feasibility of the 2/2/2 Role Lock

For the past year, the 3/3 team composition (or GOATS) has been the talk of the town in Overwatch.
borderlands 3 press shot

The Legacy of the Borderlands Series and the Road Ahead to Borderlands 3

After half a decade of silence, Gearbox finally decided to let Borderlands 3 see the light of day.
Black Ops 4 Logo

Cash Ops 4 Breaks the Bank for Players, As Well as Their Spirits

When I started writing this piece, I wanted to push it out quickly because I was feeling frustrated.  But I decided to wait because Treyarch had an
life is strange 6 featured image

Life Is Strange: Waves Part 2 (Issue 6) Impressions

In issue #6 of the Life Is Strange
cyberpunk 2077 key art

What is Cyberpunk?

In 1984, William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer was released.
star wars jedi

Did Respawn Miss an Opportunity With Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Prior to its gameplay premiere at E3 2019, few games were more intriguing than Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
cloud gaming xbox e3 2019

Xbox and Microsoft: Winning E3 2019 and (Maybe) the Next Generation of Gaming

After three days of trailers, presentations, and over-enthusiastic crowds, it would be rather safe to say that E3 2019 was rather tame.
life is strange 5 featured image

Life Is Strange: Waves Part 1 (Issue 5) Impressions

Max Caulfield is back in the Life Is Strange

To the Infinite and Beyond: A Look Back at Stellaris

Stellaris, or the space RTS that lets you encounter exciting new alien species, enslave them, and eat them, reached its three year anniver
life is strange dust featured image

Life Is Strange: Dust Review – A Page-Turner in Arcadia Bay

It can be difficult to continue the story of a game with branching choices in another medium that is less interacti