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New Game Releases - Week of September 30th

We've decided that you, our readers, would like to see a weekly preview of upcoming new releases for games as a way to keep up with everything that is going on.

Steam Universe Expansion: Steam Controller

On Friday, Valve/Steam finally announced the third and final part of their new Universe Expansion. Here are the details!

The Steam Family Sharing Beta has begun!

Quick! Check your inboxes, because the Steam Family Sharing Beta is up and running.

Steam Universe Expansion! Steam Machines Details

On Monday, Valve/Steam released

October Games With Gold Part 1: Clash of Heroes

The first Games with Gold game for October has been announced.

Meet "Cortana", the Microsoft Virtual Assistant

You read that right! Microsoft has hinted that the name, or at least codename, of their assistant being built to rival Apple's Siri is none other than Cortana.

Steam Family Sharing Feature Announced

Valve just released a press release stating that an all new feature, called "Family Sharing" is coming to Steam (in limited Beta) on Steam next week.

Udacity aims to help students through new partnerships

I've been following (and even taking a few classes from) Udacity since they started in early 2012.

Playstation 4 Launch Date Announced

It's finally been announced: The PS4 now has a release date of November 15th here in North America, and November 29th in Europe.

Xbox One Launch Titles Announced

Minutes ago, Microsoft has announced their day of release launch titles at Gamescom 2013 to go with their new Next-Gen console, the Xbox One.

Heads Up: Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Case Zero ready for free download

Hey Xbox Live Gold members, your next round of free Games with Gold downloads are ready to roll.

Google Play update is showing some growing pains [UPDATE]

With the latest Google Play Update (ver. 4.3.10) it seems to be breaking some of the installs.

Crackdown, Dead Rising 2, Case Zero next for Games with Gold

Microsoft has picked another good set of winners for their Games with Gold program.

Microsoft to change the name of SkyDrive to settle lawsuit

Microsoft has agreed to change their name of their SkyDrive cloud storage today to help settle their lawsuit with the British mega media group Sky Broadcasting.

Microsoft Office for Android available today for 365 subscribers

Today Microsoft Office for Android is available for 365 subscribers.

Assassins Creed II available free on Xbox Live tomorrow.

Here's a heads up to all the Xbox Live Gold members. As part of Microsoft's Games for Gold program, Assassins Creed II will be free to download.

MSN TV to shut down operations at the end of September.

The forerunner of connected television, MSN TV will be shutting down operations as of September 30th.

Xbox 360 Public Beta Opens Today

Heads Up! The Xbox 360 Public Beta opens today!

Pebble Smartwatch coming to Best Buy July 7th

The most successful Kickstarters of all time will be getting it feet wet in the retail area come Sunday. The Pebble Smartwatch will be coming to Best Buy July 7th.