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Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Update 2.2 Overhauls Stamina and Shields

The newest patch from Funcom's Conan Exiles has launched, and with it comes over 200 fixes to the AI, UI, and everything in between along with an overhaul for both stamina and shields.
An image of Void Bastards with the Prime Gaming logo

January Prime Gaming Lineup Skis Into The Void

The January Prime Gaming lineup has been revealed. As ever, if you're a Prime subscriber this month, you'll get access to a whole bunch of games, loot, and bonuses for existing games.
Raptor Boyfriend cover

Raptor Boyfriend is An Upcoming Game Where You Can Date a Raptor

If you've ever wanted to date a dinosaur, boy do I have a game for you! Raptor Boyfriend is an upcoming dating sim that will let you date a skateboarding velociraptor — and that's not the
Coral Island Kickstarter announced cover

Coral Island Aims to Blend Farming RPGs and Environmentalism

If you love farming RPGs, a brand-new game is on the horizon: Stairway Games has announced Coral Island, a project coming to Kickstarter that aims to build on the formula of games like
Nerts! Online Zachtronics cover

Nerts! Online is the Next Weird Release from Zachtronics

Indie developer Zachtronics has released Nerts! Online, yet another strange game in its growing catalog of wonderfully weird indie titles.
The Sinking City Steam Store page cover

The Sinking City Returns After Publisher Dispute

The Sinking City Steam Store page has progressed following a temporary injunction in a legal dispute between the game's developer Frogwares and its publisher Nacon (formerly Bigben Interac
Minecraft Earth closing down cover

Minecraft Earth Shutting Down This Year

Bad news for Minecraft fans — the collaborative mobile AR game Minecraft Earth will be closing down for good in 2021, bringing an end to the third game released in the popular blo
A war room in Project Wunderwaffe

Project Wunderwaffe Wants You To Help The Nazis Win WWII

Developer Gameparic has announced Project Wunderwaffe, a WWII-era strategy game in which you must help the Germans (i.e. the Nazis) turn the tide of battle by building a superweapon.
An asset from the Game of Thrones mod for Mount and Blade II

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlords Mod Adds Game of Thrones

Mount and Blade II, the sequel to TaleWorlds Entertainment's medieval combat and role-playing game, takes place in a world with an empire torn apart by civil war and factions vying for pow
Ocean's Heart

Retro ARPG Ocean's Heart Splashes Onto Steam on January 21

Publisher Nordcurrent and developer Maz Mraz has announced that the pixel-art RPG Ocean's Heart will be releasing on PC on January 21st.
Slay The Spire: The Board Game - Key Art

Slay The Spire: The Board Game Hitting Kickstarter In 2021

Classic roguelite card game Slay The Spire is finally becoming a full-fledged board game. Slay The Spire: The Bo
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass for January 2021 Includes Torchlight 3, Injustice 2

Megan Spurr, Community Lead at Xbox Game Pass, has announced the latest titles coming to the service, which includes Torchlight 3 and Injustice 2.
A ship exploring a debris field in Everspace 2

Early Access Everspace 2 Release Date Set For January 18th

We now have an Early Access Everspace 2 release date.
Cyberpunk 2077 Judy male romance cover

[Updated] Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Male Romance Unlocked With Mod

Update (1/5/2020, 1:30 PM) – CD Projekt Red has commented on the Cyberpunk 2077 Judy male romance situation, affirming that it was not cut content and that she was always intended as a fem
Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Trainer NPC cover

You Could Be an NPC in Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto

The Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event is bringing a pretty interesting change to the mobile augmented reality game — a handful of lucky trainers will be immortalized as in-game NPCs for other p
Lego Island development Mindscape cover

Lego Island Developers Reportedly Never Received Bonus Pay

There are a lot of Lego games out in the world but that wasn't always the case. Lego Island was one of the major turning points that helped kicked off a massive franchise.
Repos Productions

Repos Production Donate 2,000 Board Games to Children Charities

Boardgame designers, Repos Production, have donated 2000 board games to 3 different children's charities around the UK to offer a chance of escapism and enjoyment for children in these dark times.
Persona soundtracks Spotify cover

Multiple Persona Soundtracks Arrive on Spotify Tomorrow

Multiple Persona soundtracks will be coming to Spotify in the next day or so.

Top Hat Games Pushes Back Against Censorship Demands on Sense: a Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Developed by Suzaku and published by Top Hat Studios, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story has attracted attention, leading to the publisher pushing back against cries from some to censor the ga
A close-up of a Microsoft Xbox Elite controller

Microsoft Calls For Out-Of-Court Arbitration On Xbox Drift Lawsuit

Microsoft has called for a lawsuit over Xbox controller drift to be resolved out of the courtroom.
A helicopter in War Thunder

War Thunder Mired In Controversy After Advertiser Sponsors Pro-Russian Militants

Advertising for Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder and Crossout has appeared in pro-Russian militant videos on YouTube.

[Updated] Delisted Nintendo DSI Games Largely Return

[Update 1/11/21 - 10:07 AM] It looks like the hundreds of titles that were delisted is now down to just five:
A Breath of the Wild NPC modeled after Matt from Wii Sports.

Breath of the Wild NPCs Are Upgraded Miis and Players are Adding Their Own

Players looking to mess with the NPCs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be interested to learn that the NPCs are made with a system that makes them surprisingly similar to Mi
Stalker 2

Stalker 2 First In-Engine Footage Introduces New Protagonist

GSC Game World has unveiled the first in-engine footage for Stalker 2, showing off the protagonist, a stalker named Skif.