Your Destiny is now, for either generation


Your Destiny is now, for either generation

September 5, 2014 6:31 PM

By: Tabitha Dickerson


It will be comforting for many fans hanging out for the new next-gen monster Destiny, to know that as of the 5th of September  any purchase of it for the last generation of consoles, be it Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 is totally free. That's right. I'll say it again. Currently if you are unable to afford one of the next generation of consoles, you can still get Destiny for your current console and at a later date upgrade to the new next generation version, absolutely free.




Bungie have stated on their website that you can "Buy Last-Gen Get Next-Gen Free*. This is a good offer if you, like me can not afford one of the new consoles but are so close to the last few hundred or so dollars you need to get it. It is also worth stating that the asterisk after "free" does seem to contain some caveats, as this deal appears to be for a limited time, sadly. "For a limited time, when you buy last-gen digital Destiny content, get the next -gen digital version for Free". This is what it states on Bungie's Destiny website currently.

The website also contains a handy guide at the bottom of it to answer any frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding how and where to locate the said free upgrade as well as stating that the buyer's game status, guardians and also their gear will carry over whether they upgrade now or not. Gamers can rest easy knowing that when it comes time for them to have access to the next generation version of Destiny, that all their progress will be saved within the console family. This means anyone who buys it on Playstation 3 can later upgrade to the brand new Playstation 4 and still have it keep it keep track of all their acheivements in-game. The same applies to the 360 version upgrading to Xbox One. It does not however allow one to go cross platform, upgrading to the free content from one brand to another so be sure of which brand you want Destiny on. You can't change your mind later.



It seems this once-in-a-lifetime offer is only valid until January 2015 and one thing is certain. Destiny looks set to be a hell of a title and I would advise anyone looking forward to this science-fiction epic landing via drop-ship, to secure their purchase asap.


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