This Week in Wargaming - November 7th, 2015

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Hello, TechRaptor readers. Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming this past week!

UK filmmaker Joseph Piddington recently started a Kickstarter campaign for “Miniature Wargaming: The Movie”, a 90-minute documentary about our favorite hobby. The feature will contain interviews of people like Rick Priestly, Alan and Michael Perry, and other industry legends. Along with these, the movie is also set to cover the creative process for wargaming as well as following two neophytes on their journey from their first minis all the way to their first tournament. The campaign as a goal of $4,615 USD and currently as 28 days to go.

Corvus Belli also released some information on the Gujia Squadron, one of the TAG units for Yu Jing. Rather than focusing on backstory, the article talks about the design process for the model itself and getting the right “feel” for both the unit and the army as a whole.


Image courtesy of Corvus Belli
Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

Games Workshop has started their annual wish list giveaway. Simply create a list of models, army bundles, or modeling supplies, share it on Facebook or via email, and send a copy to Santa’s GW email address as well to enter. Winners will receive a gift voucher for a set amount depending on location and currency. There are ten gift vouchers available, so get started!

In addition to the wish list contest, Games Workshop is also soliciting suggestions for this year’s advent calendar. Rather than offering dataslates or Black Library shorts, this year’s calendar will feature painting tutorials throughout the holiday season. This is a very rare occurrence for GW, a company with a well-known reputation for… less than stellar customer feedback and community outreach. If there’s anything you’d like to learn about painting models or something specific you’d like to see, send a quick email with your suggestions!

And finally, Deraj Studios launched their Slavic Miniatures Kickstarter earlier this week. The campaign will be funding a line of 32mm resin miniatures based on traditional Slavic folklore. The minis will be part of a currently in-development skirmish game named Portals: Worlds Collide. Not only does this game diverge from the traditional sci-fi or western European-style medieval fantasy in setting, but every Kickstarter backer, regardless of pledge level, will get a copy of the beta rules once the campaign has completed. A quickstart ruleset is currently available on the Kickstarter pledge page, along with series of tutorial videos showing how the game will function.

Image courtesy of Deraj Studios
Image courtesy of Deraj Studios

Header image courtesy of MechanicalOddities on Etsy.


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