Steamguard Introducing Two-Step Verification


Steamguard Introducing Two-Step Verification

April 17, 2015

By: Jon Schear


If anyone remembers the olden days of World of Warcraft, it's hard to forget the rampant hacking that went on and caused quit a bit of aggravation. You only needed to visit the forums to see thread after thread describing the sordid state of affairs that was one unlucky player thinking that a mysterious in-game mail would actually provide free gold if they followed the URL.

Then there were the ever convincing flow of spam emails, each looking more authentic than the last.


This turn of events led to Blizzard developing their mobile authenticator, which in turn, led to the relief for all those hardcore World of Warcraft players.

Blizzard is not the only company making the decision to use two-step authentication. As security concerns and hacking increases, companies like Google and Twitter have found it necessary to offer two-step authentication.


It's no surprise then that Steam has taken it upon themselves to begin beta testing a mobile authenticator. The offering is being extended to Steam users through a beta group. Participants in the group will then be selected and given access to a mobile authenticator program on Android only (IOS devices will be tested later on).

Feedback from the mobile authenticator group seems to indicate that the app itself need a lot of tweaking. Some comments include how the activation process is "wonky" and on some tablets it has been reported to be reducing performance significantly. Hopefully these words don't fall on deaf ears.


As for the authenticator's features, Steam has added a way to backup codes in case you lose your phone. The process is as simple as logging into your account and generating the codes before you drop your phone into the toilet (don't laugh, we have all done it). If you lose your phone before you get the chance to actually generate the backup codes, you can log into your Steam account and have another code sent via SMS to your phone for a new authenticator. If your phone number changes, then you'll have to contact support.

So, what do you guys think? Will this authenticator be necessary with Steam's current system or is it just overkill?