Scarlet Moon Christmas EP – A Merry Mash-Up For the Holidays

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Scarlet Moon Christmas EP – A Merry Mash-Up For the Holidays

December 13, 2014

By: Matt M


Note: Scarlet Moon Records sent us a press release along with access to the contents from the album for the purposes of spreading awareness.

The holiday season often brings about some truly unique mashups that are otherwise inconceivable outside of the holiday season. For as many Christmas television specials and movies there are, not that many video game related pieces of media exist beyond Christmas Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn, the Sonic Christmas Blast TV special and there was a Super Mario Brothers Super Show Christmas Special. Enter the Scarlet Moon Christmas EP from Scarlet Moon Records , which presents  remixes of music from the Final Fantasy series and indie game Saturday Morning RPG in festive arrangements  for the season. There is also a bonus track called “The First Noel” that is an original composition from Dale North.


The EP contains a grand total of five compositions from four contributing artists: Vince DiCola, Goomin Nam, Jayson Napolitano and Dale North. Loudr has the starting price at $5 with the option to pay above that if desired. A portion of the proceeds will go to the original copyright holders, so rest assured there is a chance the original composers might see a cut. Additionally, Scarlet Moon is adding more content to their store for existing fans to consider.

Music taste is incredibly subjective, so the individual experience may greatly vary from person to person. I would not be against video game music x Chrismas music becoming a tradition along the lines of other Christmas specials. As Crow T. Robot once said, “There’s no tradition like a new tradition.” Then again, he did immediately follow the sentiment with an extended reference to the 1989 film Roadhouse.