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Record of Agarest War Zero on Android

October 20, 2014

By: Don Parsons


After the successful port of Record of Agarest War to mobile (Agarest: Generations of War on the PC), Hyperdevbox has again partnered with Idea Factory to port its prequel Record of Agarest War Zero (Agarest: Generations of War Zero on PC) to Android.

Released last night at 8pm eastern Record of Agarest War Zero is out on Android and will be coming to iOS at an undefined time in the near future.

A strategy-jrpg like the game it is a prequel to Record of Agarest War Zero focuses heavily on combat and the relationships between the people who are part of the war of each generation. Record of Agarest War Zero though doesn’t try to be as long or big as Record of Agarest War with only 2 generations instead of the 5 the previous game had. There are 15 characters in total split over them – 9 in the first generation and 6 in the second generation, though several from the first generation carry over.

On the combat side the Record of Agarest War series focuses heavily on positioning, action points and interlinking team combos. The combat takes place on a grid map with 6 characters from your team taking on whichever enemies happen to be part of the fight, which can be a wide variety. Building up your skill points and action points allows your characters to use more complex and powerful skills, which in combination can get even more dangerous.


By now, some of you are surely wondering what is with all the scantily-clad women you have seen in the advertising for this series. Well the game does feature a simulation element to it, and relationships with the heroines are part of it, as is dating them. At the end of the generation, the hero will marry the heroine with whom he is closest and their child will be the hero of the next generation, with his stats and abilities being adjusted based on who his mother was. It’s also used as lots of fan-service though there is no nudity in the game.

Agarest War Zero does feature some new bits compared to the first game. First of all, it has a digest mode of the first game in which the choices are condensed towards the canonical end but still allows you to play through and see what happened which unlocks more as you go through the Agarest War Zero plot line. Animation has been improved with the Action Animation System for mouth movement, blinking and other minor animation details to add life to the characters. The game has enhanced dialogue with heroines by making it track the relationships better beyond just which has the highest marker and adding in new dialogues and costumes at certain points.

Record of Agarest War Zero is now available via the Android shop, on the PS4 (as Agarest: Generations of War Zero), the PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam.

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