Gen Con 2015 Paizo Announces Strange Aeons - Upcoming Adventure Path

Published: August 2, 2015 11:15 PM /


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Paizo, the company behind Pathfinder RPG, have announced an upcoming adventure path that will be coming out in 2016, as first reported by Know Direction, who will be publishing the seminar in which they learned the information at after Gen Con.  The Pathfinder Adventure Paths have hit a wide variety of areas over the years with recent ones like Winter's Reign dealing with things such as Baba Yaga, Rasputin and a related visit to World War 1, or Iron God's work with advanced technologies on Golarion. Strange Aeons will follow the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path (which will be after the soon to start Hell's Rebels Adventure Path) and begin in August of 2016. It will focus on the long hinted at Lovecraftian themes that can be found in the Golarion setting and utilize the Old Gods. The first adventure will be written by Wes Schneider, who was heavily involved in Paizo`s last horror Adventure Path, Carrion Crown and contributes heavily as both a writer and editor to many of Paizo's Pathfinder books, especially the Adventure Paths.

For those unaware, Pathfinder Adventure Paths are a complete campaign adventure path designed by Paizo to take the party from level 1 wimps to the upper levels of play, anywhere between 13 and 17 depending on the Adventure Path. There is always room for GM customization, and the adventures generally come with a bit of fiction and different ways you can customize it if that is what you choose to do. Since August 2009, all Adventure Paths have been done with their Pathfinder Roleplaying system; previously they had used Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

Welp, it's another day with Cthulhu.
Welp, it's another day with Cthulhu.

Some details regarding Strange Aeons indicate that insanity, a staple in a game with a Lovecraftian setting and theme, will be a feature, and several of the players will have amnesia. The game will have a lot of traveling involved in it, and you might get a chance to meet famous authors of some wonderful books like the Necronomicon. It has been confirmed that Strange Aeons is specifically a Pathfinder Adventure Path, meaning that there's a bigger emphasis on defeating monsters, and exploring around, instead of the investigation focused games like Call of Cthulhu, where investigation can make up more around 90% of the game play.

Any Pathfinder fans excited for this new Adventure, or is there too much Cthuhlu in the world of tabletop now a days? For people who don't know what Pathfinder is, are you intrigued enough to take a look? And do you think the writer of this article has any idea what he's talking about here?


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