Frog Factions: "Bullfrogs" releases soon


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Frog Factions: "Bullfrogs" releases soon

February 18, 2015



When one observes frogs sitting placidly on the pond, it seems a peaceful tableau. Little do we realize these tiny terrors dream of nothing less than conquest and the ruin of their fellows.

Or maybe that's just in Bullfrogs, the numerical strategy game from Thunderworks Games, set to release in March 2015. A card-based tabletop 'box' game, Bullfrogs succeeded on Kickstarter last May, neatly doubling it's goal amount, and will soon ship out to eager backers and purchasers alike.

Though mathematical frogs and combat amphibians have long been popular in video gaming, before now the two concepts have never been combined in the tabletop format. In Bullfrogs, opponents first build a pond by laying down lilypad cards with different characteristics, then place frog tokens or disrupt their opponent's units on the field. The ultimate goal is to have enough units on a card by the time it is full to overpower all opponents by adding your tokens values together and coming out on top. Each card so controlled adds its own value to your ultimate victory score, and this is what determines the final winner. The field changes dynamically during play, as maneuvers realign the lilypads and force frogs onto adjacent ones.



The final product of Bullfrogs will feature custom-cut tokens and quality cardstock. The game is for 2-4 players of all ages, and can feature a solitary playmode using dice. Rulebooks for both modes are available online to anyone interested in a sneak peek at how the game will play.

Speaking on his website, designer Keith Majetka said:

Our first game, Bullfrogs, was published in January 2015. The next game will be Roll Player, which will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter in the Summer of 2015.
If you'd like to get your webbed hands on this indie gem, you can hop over to the online store! Frog jokes galore!

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