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Far Cry 4 Season Pass and Bonus Screenshot!

October 20, 2014

By: Don Parsons


Ubisoft has done something that is very rare in the gaming market. They have announced everything that will be in their Far Cry 4 Season Pass now, before any of the dlc is released, or even the game itself.

The Season Pass for Far Cry 4 will be made up of 5 pieces of DLC which will be quickly detailed below:

  • The Syringe will be available upon release, only to Season Pass Holders. Playable in single player and co-op the players must stop a potentially devastating recipe from falling into the hands of the Pagan Min’s forces.
  • Escape from Durgesh Prison will find Ajay and Hurk locked up and tortured in Yuma’s prison. Work with a friend, team up with Hurk from Far Cry 3 and get your way out of the dungeon and then survive the hostile area.
  • Hurk Deluxe Pack comprises of 5 missions playable with Hurk in either single player or co-op. 3 Mission names have been announced – Yak Farm, Bloody Ruby and Hurk’s Redemption. Confirmed in this is a selection of new weapons including a harpoon gun for Hurk.
  • Overrun is a PVP mode that will have players team up as either Rakasha or Golden Path to protect a series of neutral locations across Kyrat against your opponents who will try to overrun them.
  • Valley of the Yeti’s when Ajay’s helicopter crashes in Himalayan Mountains he has to find a way to survive in the harsh frozen lands. Yet, just surviving the weather isn’t enough for at night a dangerous cult threatens your camp and you must fight them off. Not only that, but as you search, you may find the deadly Yeti. Also playable in both single player and co-op modes.
Far Cry 4 is coming out on November 18th in the US, with other nearby release dates (the 20th in Europe, 21st in UK ) around the world. It will be available on the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

However, Ubisoft may want to take some time finishing preparing things as it seems not everything is ready yet. When researching the DLC releases, there are still traces of Lorem Ipsum in the site. In particular, the Season Pass in Canada led to this screenshot that you may enjoy at your pleasure.

[caption id="attachment_16954" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Lorem Ipsum on Ubisofts Far Cry 4 page Ubisoft hasn't finished updating their page... really Lorem Ipsum on something you are trying to sell?[/caption]



Update: Ubisoft has fixed this picture issue. However there is still a descrepancy in their screenshots for Canada and the USA which is shown below:


[caption id="attachment_17113" align="alignnone" width="1001"]Canada's FC 4 Season Pass Canada's Far Cry 4 Season Pass screenshot[/caption]




[caption id="attachment_17114" align="alignnone" width="1001"]America's Far Cry 4 Season Pass Page America's Far Cry 4 Season Pass Page[/caption]

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