Darkest Night: In Tales of Old Released

Published: July 6, 2015 5:32 PM /


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Victory Point Games has announced the release of the fourth expansion to the TechRaptor favorite cooperative board game Darkest Night.

In Tales of Old can be used alone with the base game or along side the three previously released expansions With and Inner Light, On Shifting Winds and From the Abyss. In Tales of Old adds new content to Darkest Night in the form of 4 new Heroes, 7 new Blights, 3 new items, and 15 new map cards. Additionally, In Tales of Old adds a new type mechanic in the form of Mystery cards that change the way that heroes acquire holy relics.

Mystery cards completely replace the existing key mechanic for obtaining Holy Relics from the base game. Players using the Mystery cards will gain Clues and will need to collectively gather enough Clues  to find the Holy Relics needed to defeat the Necromancer. The Mystery cards also offer the players additional objectives to pursue to gain advantage in the fight against the Necromancer. Some Mystery cards will simply give the players Clues while others will remain on the board permanently and allow players to take advantage of them throughout the game.

As with the other expansions each piece of In Tales of Old is essentially a module that can be added to the game. Players that wish to only add the new heroes, Mystery cards etc. can do so with ease.

In Tales of Old can currently be ordered directly from Victory Point Games in a boxed version or in a cheaper poly bag version.

In Tales of Old box front and back

Quick Take

I am very excited about this expansion. Darkest Night has been a surprise hit for me and my gaming group and I am thrilled that Victory Point Games is continuing to support such a wonderful game. Each of the prior expansions has added a great deal of fun to the game and I expect In Tales of Old to do the same.

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