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Hello TechRaptor Reader(s)!

One of the great things about the gaming industry is the wide range of opinions that we both have on our site, as well as the ones we encounter with our readers and others outside our staff. Which is why we decided to pick a question every month that’s general in focus, and let you submit answers – which we’ll compile into an article (previous ones linked at the bottom of this post) ever month! We’re excited to see what you have to say in our monthly reader gaming survey each month!

We started this little endeavor in December of 2017, and we’re really keen on keeping it going as long as we keep getting responses! So, if you’re interested in contributing your thoughts and ideas (anonymously if you wish!) – this is a great place to do it, as well as discuss it on-article with our readers.

Please note: There are no comments on this page to prevent confusion with discussion! With a new topic every month, it would be confusing to have different discussions going on below! Use the comment section on each article to chat with your fellow readers!

Looking to see answers from the past? Check out our posts we created from reader responses below!

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