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Civilization 6 Free Update 6 trebuchet cover

Civilization 6 Free Update 6 is Adding Trebuchets

Civilization 6 Free Update 6 will arrive before the end of April 2021 and feature a bunch of civilization changes and the introduction of trebuchets.
The Binding of Isaac Repentance multiplayer networktest cover

Binding of Isaac Multiplayer Discovered in Latest Game

A Binding of Isaac multiplayer mode has been discovered in the latest DLC release, although it's sadly not as stable as you'd like.
Second Sight - Key Art

Second Sight is Back and You Need to Play It

Second Sight has been gone for so long, but it's back, and now everyone should really think about giving the game a chance to blow their minds.
Call of Duty Warzone

Activision Sues Indie Dev Over 'Warzone" Trademark

Activision has sued over the Warzone trademark, despite the site being years older than Activision's game, but for an unusual reason
oddworld soulstorm

Behind the Mudokon: All About Abe

The trend of remaking and remastering classics is alive and well if Oddworld's any argument. First it was New 'N' Tasty, and now Soulstorm. But first, let's find out more about Abe, the guy we're following in.
error video

Source Engine Reportedly Has a Serious Exploit That Valve Ignored For Years

Valve has had reports of a zero-day exploit in Source Engine for two years, impacting games like CSGO and Tema Fortress 2 and not fixed the issue
A battle in the Explorer mod for Mount and Blade Warband.

Explorer Mod Turns Mount and Blade Warband into a Third-Person Open-World

The 1.0 release for the Explorer mod for Mount and Blade Warband turns the game into an open-world style RPG with no overworld map.
This Week In Valheim 04-10-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Runescape, Macs, and More Ways to Build!

This Week in Valheim, we explore cool community creations from Game of Thrones and Runescape, some great new building mods, Mac support, and more!
Warhammer Quest Cursed City

Warhammer Quest Cursed City Preview

We check out the latest version of Warhammer Quest and enter the city of Ulfenkarn in Warhammer Quest Cursed City.
Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Key Art

Wizards Of The Coast Surveying New Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Subscription Service

A new survey about a potential Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair subscription/membership service is making some people very angry on Reddit.
Mighty Doom mobile game Android cover

'Mighty Doom' Mobile Game is Quietly Being Tested

The Mighty Doom mobile game is quietly being testing on Android, and a new trailer suggests a public reveal is coming soon.
Yahoo! Answers Typing of the Dead Overkill mod cover

Yahoo! Answers Immortalized in The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Yahoo! Answers is shutting down for good in May 2021, but it will live on forever as a very strange The Typing of the Dead: Overkill mod on Steam.
Epic Games Store profitable by 2023 cover

Epic Games Store Expected to Be Profitable by 2023

New court documents reveal that the Epic Games Store is expected to be profitable by 2023 and has spent over $700 million in revenue share to developers.
Fallout 76 Expedition Washington D.C. Dupont Circle cover

Datamined Fallout 76 Expedition Shows Washington D.C.

A datamined Fallout 76 Expedition has revealed what may be a location gamers can visit outside of Appalachia: Washington D.C., the setting of Fallout 3.
Timesplitters 2 port in Homefront The Revolution cover

TimeSplitters 2 Port Finally Unlocked in Homefront: The Revolution

A secret Timesplitters 2 port was hidden in Homefront: The Revolution and a team of people have finally worked out how to unlock it.
Breath of the Wild Cherry Blossoms

Best Cherry Blossom Views in Video Games

With the ongoing pandemic shutting down many IRL cherry blossom viewing parties, here are some games where you can still enjoy some beautiful spring sakura scenes
Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire, a Deck-Building Tactical Title, is Now Out of Steam's Early Access

Trials of Fire--a deckbuilding tactical game where players guide a party of three heroes through a ruined world--has launched off of Steam's Early Access.
Izzy from Lost Words writes in her journal, wondering if her grandma will recover from a stroke

How Lost Words: Beyond the Page Teaches You To Platform Through Grief

I spoke to Lost Words: Beyond the Page developer, Mark Backler, to speak about how his new game takes players through the grieving process, one platform at a time.
Early art from the Warcraft mod for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Mod Seeks to Recreate Azeroth

The Mount and Warcraft Reborn mod is an in-development mod looking to recreate the world of Warcraft in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.
A shot of the player's smithy in PC blacksmithing sim Anvil Saga

Anvil Saga Is A Medieval Blacksmith Sim Coming To PC In Late 2021

New PC blacksmithing sim Anvil Saga will let you manage your own medieval smithy, complete with staff and facilities. It's coming to Steam in late 2021.
Outriders Review

Outriders Review

Outriders is one of those rare games where it not only lives up to expectations, but completely surpasses them.
Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary's Update 1.1 Includes New Game Plus, Two New Difficulty Modes

Monster Sanctuary's Update 1.1 has a new PVP season, PVP matchmaking, Casual and Master difficulty modes, and more.
Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Review

It's no wonder that Monster Hunter Rise's sales are through the roof worldwide. The series became mainstream with World, and many gamers are realizing just how addicting the formula for this series is. Monster Hunter Rise does a wonderful job of introducing new mechanics while feeling similar to past entries, and it even looks damn good too. I truly fear for society's free time, as I am sure it has diminished greatly for those who picked up Rise.
An overview of a vampire hideout in Vampire Clans

Vampire Clans Lets You Create Your Very Own Vampire Family

Vampire Clans is a new management sim coming to Steam that lets you create and manage your very own family of bloodthirsty vampires.

Say NO! More Review

Say NO! More is game about saying "No" in order to climb the corporate ladder. Is it as empowering and satisfying as it sounds? Read and find out.
Mythic Battles: Ragnarök

Mythic Battles: Ragnarök Kickstarter Hits Over $1 Million Hitting Most Almost Every Stretch Goal

Mythic Battles: Ragnarök is an upcoming skirmish-adventure game from the creators of Batman: Gotham Chronicles and Conan.
Deep Rock Galactic Update 34 release date cover

Deep Rock Galactic Update 34 Upgrades Mod Support

Deep Rock Galactic Update 34 will arrive before the end of April 2021 and debut enhanced modding support, Elite enemies, and more!
Dusk 82 Game New Blood Interactive cover

New Blood Interactive's Dusk '82 Game is Not a Joke

The Dusk '82 game revealed on April Fool's Day is not a joke — New Blood Interactive is actually bringing 2021's jokes to life as real projects.
Super Seducer Nintendo Switch release cover

Super Seducer Nintendo Switch Release Canceled

The Super Seducer Nintendo Switch release has been canceled after Nintendo has told the developer that it refuses to publish the games on its platform.
First Outriders update post-launch cover

First Outriders Update Will Restore Some Lost Items

The first Outriders update is set to arrive next week and one of the many issues it addresses is the restoration of some lost Outriders items.