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play nyc 2018 gaming

Play NYC Returns With Great Games & Ambitious Goals

The world of gaming conventions grows ever larger, and for the longest time there was a distinct void in the New York City area.
satisfactory building drone mountain

Satisfactory Interview - Oscar Jilsén, Orbital Elevators, And The Nitty Gritty

Satisfactory is the latest game under development from Coffee Stain Studios, the same people behind the classic meme-fest game Goat Si
control playstation e3 2018

We Talked to Control's Director About Refrigerators, John Wick, and Dogs. Oh, and the Game

At E3 2018 I saw the trailer for Control during Sony's press conference.
fear the wolves stalker inspired

Survive Opponents And The World In Stalker-Inspired Battle Royale, Fear The Wolves

I had the opportunity to learn about a handful of new Battle Royale games at E3 2018, and each one had something new to offer the genre, which is a

The Creator's Journey – A Profile of Indie Action-RPG Monomyth by Rat Tower

Rat Tower is a one-man studio working on a one-man show: the first-person action-RPG Monomyth.
total war three kingdoms defense formation

We Spoke to the Total War: Three Kingdom Devs About Dueling, The Setting, and More

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next in the long-running and critically acclaimed Total War seri
rend art

E3 2018 Rend Interview With Jeremy Wood; Info On Construction, Pets, and More

I learned some new information about the faction-based, fantasy survival game Rend while at E3 and had the opportunity to speak with Jerem
start collecting

Start Collecting Infinity Interview - Beginner Advice with Infinity Developers and the UK's Number 1 Player

As part of our ongoing Start Collecting Infinity series, we thought we would
cultist simulator interview

Becoming a Cult Leader - We Talk with Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan About Cultist Simulator

Ever wanted to be an all-powerful, Lovecraftian-esque leader with hordes of devoted and willing followers at your command as your pursue immortalit
worlds adrift

Skyships and Community Created Islands: Bossa Studios Talks Their Grand Designs For Worlds Adrift

This past Thursday marked the launch of UK-based developer Bossa Studios' latest project, Worlds Adrift.
battletech interview 001

BattleTech Tabletop Interview - Bringing The Future Of BattleTech To Us Now!

Catalyst Game Labs have the license for the upcoming BattleTech tabletop releases.
moss header

Of Mice and Movement: An Interview with Moss' Animation Director Richard Lico

I keep it no secret that Moss was one of my most anticipated
chris avellone

Interview with Chris Avellone on Obsidian Entertainment

Chris Avellone requires little in the way of introduction.
these dark walls speak - featured image

These Dark Walls Speak: An Interview With Thief Fan Mission Author "skacky"

“skacky,” or Romain Barrilliot, is one of the best Thief fan missions authors there is.
Fear Effect

Resurrecting a Franchise: Sushee Talks Fear Effect Sedna

Many Video Game franchises die off.
steamwatch dev interviews image

SteamWatch - Developers Talk About the State of Steam and Steam Direct

As part of SteamWatch's year-end retrospective, I sat down with three d
light fall windows

Indie Interview: Ben Archer of Bishop Games on Light Fall

TechRaptor first had the chance to play Bishop Games' game Light Fall at PAX South 2018.
warhammer vermintide 2 interview with fatshark featured image

An Interview with Fatshark on Vermintide 2: Lore, Gameplay, and More!

In anticipation of the release of Vermintide 2, the latest entry in the Warhammer series developed by Fatshark, we sat down to as
Mole Rats in Space - Peaceable Kingdom

Mole Rats in Space, Monkey Around, Bedtime Bunny, & Where's Bear? - Gen Con 2017

Earlier this year at Gen Con 2017, I had the opportunity to chat with Pareen Shah, the Director of Marketing and Sales at Peaceable Kingdom, about
Syrinscape Gen Con

Syrinscape: Epic RPG Sounds at Gen Con 2017

Are you looking for a way to spice up that Pathfinder campaign that seems to have hit a lull?
Bubsy Header

A Talk With The Developers Behind The New Bubsy

Earlier this year, I had a chance to talk with some of the developers