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Sam Speaks to Sean Noonan About Getting Into the Games Industry, Wheelman, Crackdown 2, and More

Update: To clear up any confusion, this is an unedited transcript of a conversation between me and Sean.
creed rise to glory header

Sam Speaks to Survios About Creed, Making VR Games, and Running an Arcade

I am always super interested in VR development.
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Sam Speaks With Chainsawesome Games About Aftercharge and Robotic Balance

I have great respect for anyone who can manage to properly create a multiplayer game.
the 3rd annual bit awards carolina ravassa

A Chat with Carolina Ravassa on Sombra, Hispanglosaxons, and The 3rd Annual Bit Awards

Carolina Ravassa is a woman who is well-known to the gaming world as the voice of Sombra in Overwatch. Ms.
Miasma Caves Art

Sam Speaks to Windy Games about Miasma Caves, Pacifism, Books, and More

Surprise! A new video game has come out today!
omensight review header

Sam Speaks With Spearhead Games About Omensight, Time Travel, Crunch, and More

When I first played Stories: The Path of Destines, I found a cl
gloomwood screenshot - lantern and revolver

Lifting the Fog on Gloomwood: A Chat With Indie Dev Dillon Rogers

If you’re at all interested in first-person immersive games, survival horror, or first-person shooters, you should follow the development of Gl
double cross header

Sam Speaks to 13AM Games About Double Cross, Runbow, and Reggie

What happens when you have exactly nine friends and a Wii U? Your choices to get absolutely everyone playing is a bit small.
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Sam Speaks to Dream Reality Interactive About Altering Reality

Dream Reality Interactive has one goal: make VR and AR games awesome.
starblo erich schaefer

Erich Schaefer On Starblo - Blizzard's Unreleased Sci-Fi ARPG

Starblo is the name of a game that you likely haven't heard of before, but you certainly know the company who worked on it: Blizzard Enter
into the dark narakan header

Everything Except Friendship: A Chat with OrcPunk About Into the Dark: Narakan

I always love a chance to check out an atmospheric game.
cell to singularity - monkey

Click to Exist: A Chat with ComputerLunch about Cell to Singularity

Little known fact about me: I have every trophy for AdVenture Capitalist. It took me about two years to get.
toadled header

It's a Really Big Fox: A Chat with Giant Fox Studios About Two of Their Games

At the Halloween Playcrafting Expo I got off the elevator and was looking right at a giant fox. It was a really big fox.
david brevik it lurks below sleeping campfire

David Brevik And The Terrors Of It Lurks Below

I have a penchant for survival crafting buildy kind of games. You know the sort.
hidden burrow logo - featured image

Uncovering the Burrow: An Interview with Hidden Burrow Co-founder Christine McGahhey

Imagine buying a game online and then printing it out.
where shadows slumber - blind

Time to Wake Up: A Chat with Game Revenant about Where Shadows Slumber

Back during PlayNYC 2018 I got a chance to look at Where Shadows Slumber, a delightful mobile puzzle game based on shadows.
herman electro header

He's a Really Nice Guy: A Chat with 3:15 Software About Herman Electro

While walking around the Halloween Playcrafting Expo a guy walked in front of me, said "Hey man, nice shirt.
sole better header

Fill Your Dark Sole With Light: A Chat with Gossamer Games About Sole

It often takes a lot to stand out at an event.
escape the room header

A Game of Rejects: A Chat with Glen&Devan About Escape the Room?

There's some real weird stuff in the indie scene. At a recent PlayCrafting event I got a chance to see tiny studio Glen&Devan.
orbit quest banner

Keep on Target: An Interview with Frost Lab Studios About Orbit Quest

At a Playcrafting event I got to check out a lot of cool games.
swimsanity header

Looking Fly as Hell: A Chat with Decoy Games About Swimsanity! (and Also Shoes?)

At a Playcrafting event for Halloween I got a chance to check out many little games coming out soon.
the walking dead our world header

Answering a Hypothetical: An Interview with Clayton Neuman About The Walking Dead: Our World

At New York Comic Con I got a chance to take a look at The Walking Dead: Our World.
rebel galaxy outlaw - explosion flight

Erich Schaefer Talks Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - Missiles, Music, and Mods

Rebel Galaxy was one of my favorite games that I reviewed