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YouTube Channel Spotlight - Many A True Nerd

Welcome to a new monthly feature here on TechRaptor, this feature will involve highlighting a gaming related YouTube channel that is up and coming
Gamer's Rhapsody Logo

An Interview With Thomas Spargo, Founder of Gamer's Rhapsody

This weekend, Gamer's Rhapsody will hold it's inaugural event -
palm kingdoms

Interview with Eugene Ivanov

This past week, after finding out about Indie Gam

An interview with Ted Morris of Petroglyph

Techraptor recently spoke with Ted Morris, Executive Producer at Petroglyph, to talk about Petroglyph's upcoming RTS game, Grey Goo! 

Crowned Daemon Studios Interview on Freak

In the last couple of years, the gaming community has welcomed indie developers to make a name for themselves the gaming industry, none more so tha
Extra Life

Indy PopCon 2014 - An interview with Extra Life, a charity for gamers

There's no shortage of need for great charities in the world, especially ones that help kids.
Ray's The Dead

Indy PopCon 2014 - We talked Ray's The Dead with Chris from Ragtag!

Indy PopCon was chock full of people for us to talk to, and Chris from Ragtag Studio was no exception!
SingleHop TechWeek Chicago 2014

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - Interview with SingleHop Co-Founder Dan Ushman

Founded in 2006 SingleHop founders Dan Ushman and Zak Boca met in an AOL chatroom for programmer
TechWeek 10th Magnitude

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - A talk about the Cloud with Alex Brown

If you're a member of the technology industry, you usually can't go a day without hearing about "Cloud".
Keeper Security Featured

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - Secure your important information with Keeper

Every day, security is becoming more and more difficult to maintain.

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - Get the news you want with Rivet News Radio

In recent years, it would appear that a lot of people have issues with attention span - with Twitter's 140 characters and Buzzfeed's GIF posts domi
TechWeek Featured

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - A talk with Christian Dawson about how the NSA spying will affect the Tech Industry

As a strong proponent of Internet privacy, security, and freedom - what the NSA is doing with backdoors in hardware and software, in addition to sp
TechWeek Featured

TechWeek Chicago 2014 - Jeff Hoffman shares his advice for startups

The Technology industry is rapidly expanding, and with it - the world of startups and small businesses. Around the world, startups are becoming the
Dream Authentics Featured

Indy PopCon 2014 - Arcade gaming, both new and retro, with DreamAuthentics

Indy PopCon had a lot of surprises in store for us, with a ton of companies and people that we didn't know we'd have the absolute pleasure of speak
Astral Terra PopCon

Indy PopCon 2014 - We talk Astral Terra with Tethys Interactive!

There was a great mix of tabletop and video game developers at Indy PopCon this year.
Puzzle Quest Header

1 on 1 with Marvel Puzzle Quest Director Joe Fletcher

During our time time at C2E2, NerdyRaptor was fortunate enough to get some face time in with the developer of Marvel Puzzle Quest director Joe Flet
Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League fights its way back! We talk with Michael Mendheim about the game at C2E2 2014

Mutant League Football, originally produced by EA, is a game that still inspires nostalgia across a few generations of gamers.

GameArt Studio's Andreas Mellenthin Interview

GameArt Studio is a small video game developer that has only published browser games before their first true video game creation, Quantum Rush.

Games to Watch: The Mandate - "One Rule, No Quarter" [Interview][Updated]

Kickstarter has become a great place for developers to get funding for games that might not otherwise be possible to complete, and because of its e

[Exclusive Details!] Drone Game Controller creator talks with TechRaptor

Those of you that keep an eye on mobile gaming or Kickstarter in general probably know we're a little late to the game when it comes to posting abo