What To Consider When Searching For Website Hosting

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What To Consider When Searching For Website Hosting

January 16, 2017

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Your company’s future truly depends on your present decisions. This includes choosing the most efficient and reliable hosting company. When attempting to choose a good hosting company, it is pertinent to look at a handful of characteristics, such as reliability, responsiveness, and available resources. For your consideration, the most important characteristics will be explored in greater depth below.

Support Responsiveness

First and foremost, it is absolutely essential to consult with the company’s customer service department. In all likelihood, you will be required to seek their assistance at some point or another. To ensure you receive speedy and adequate service, it is essential to investigate the hosting provider’s responsiveness. How quick do they respond to your inquiries and are they able to provide you with effective assistance? If your website goes down, you’ll want to make sure the company responds rapidly. Therefore, responsiveness should be given great emphasis.

Reliability And Uptime

While your company’s stores and phonelines will be unavailable at certain times of the day, your website should be available every minute of the day and every day of the week. In fact, your potential clients may feel that your company is unreliable and unprofessional, if they try to visit your website only to receive an error. This is why it is absolutely essential to choose a company that offer 99.9% uptime. Of course, you will need to dig a little deeper. The mass majority of hosting providers will make a similar guarantee, but not all of them can live up to it.

Read reviews from past clients and make sure the company actually stands behind their promises.

Hosting Cost

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is absolutely essential to budget your money carefully. Take your time and figure out precisely how much you can spend from month to month on hosting. While you’re at it, you may also want to consider utilizing the latest Siteground coupon. Just remember that paying a little more may provide you with a better service and more resources. It is also a good idea to opt for a scalable solution.

Scalability will allow you to pay for the precise amount of resources you need at any given time. When fewer resources are needed, you can easily scale down and save yourself money. This will allow you to dedicate additional money to other necessities, such as new employees or advertising.

Data Storage

One of the most important things to consider when searching for a hosting provider is data storage. Some hosting companies will limit the amount of storage a customer can utilize, which will not be suitable for a medium or large company. Of course, this will work perfectly for a small website that is designed for written content only. However, if you plan on adding a lot of content to your website, you will still need an adequate amount of storage.

Unlimited storage will be your best option, but this does not necessarily mean that you need to start out with such a major quantity of gigabytes. In fact, many hosting companies allow the customer to create a customizable package and upgrade as needed. This will be your best option, because you never know what the future will hold for your website.


Shared vs. Virtual Private Server

Once you factor in all of the above, it's also important to consider whether shared hosting or a virtual private server will best serve your needs. Shared hosting is generally cheaper than a virtual private server, but can have a few downfalls to consider as your company grows.

There's a few questions you should ask yourself - Are you expecting a lot of traffic? Do you want your own IP to ensure your domain has less chance of being seen as spam or malicious? Do you want the ability to add more enhanced features or customize the configuration of your server, as well as the ability to spin up multiple sites without added cost or issue?

If you said yes to any of the above, it's worth considering a virtual private server for your web hosting needs. For most hosting companies, purchasing a virtual private server will give you more space, more speed, and increased bandwidth - as well as the ability to customize beyond what a shared server will do. Now, there will be some additional technical expertise needed depending on who you host with, however - so keep that in mind!

Do your research before you pick a host

It's incredibly important that you don't pick the first host you look at, because there are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. Take your time and get familiarized with sites like (affiliate links ahead) Digital Ocean, Linode, HostGator, and more - but make sure that you have an expectation of what you'll need in the first year of your website. If you plan ahead and make sure you can easily scale up in the future - you'll save yourself a lot of headache.
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