QT Is A Weird, Adorable Version Of PT, And You Can Play It For Free



QT Is A Weird, Adorable Version Of PT, And You Can Play It For Free

June 25, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


As gamers, we'll probably never get over PT. Despite being very short and self-contained, the playable Silent Hills teaser was the most original, scary horror game to be released for quite some time. Then Silent Hills got canceled and PT disappeared. Since then, many devs have tried to recreate the playable teaser's singular weirdness and atmosphere. None have approached the issue quite like Happy Snake and QT though.

QT is a very strange and cute version of PT which you can play for free over at itch.io. It's made by the dev behind Morning Post and Library and features the same shaky hand-drawn aesthetic as those two games. The goal in QT is, according to Happy Snake, to "explore a spooky house and find your new best buddy called Weemble". Yeah. You'll probably like this one if you've got a soft spot for quirkiness. I can't decide whether the art style is adorable or genuinely terrifying. The game is free, so check it out (or just watch the trailer) and decide for yourself.


Happy Snake promises 30 minutes of gameplay from QT, which ain't bad for free. There are a dozen achievements to get and "a whole bunch" of secrets to discover. If you're not the secret-finding type, Happy Snake has helpfully written a guide on how to hit the game's main points of discovery. If you like QT, you should check out Happy Snake's QT Compendium of Cuteness Kickstarter. There are three games in the compendium, including QT. The other two are Museum, a game about exploring a museum, and Kouen, a love letter to getting lost. The Kickstarter isn't asking for a whole lot, and it's rather endearingly written. There are definitely much worse ways to spend your money.


Are you over the demise of Silent Hills yet? What do you think of QT? Let us know in the comments below!

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