The Latest Gadgets That Can Improve Home Security

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The Latest Gadgets That Can Improve Home Security

March 22, 2017

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It could come as no surprise to learn that the nation’s crime rate has rose steadily over the past few years. As a homeowner, it is hard not to grow concerned with the news. This is why it is pertinent to protect your home, family and assets with the appropriate home security gadgets. Over the course of several years, various technology manufacturers have begun to place greater emphasis on helping consumers secure their homes from intruders. Below, you will learn about some of the advancements they have made and the gadgets that can improve your home’s security.

The Patlock

Your home’s locks are truly your first line of defense against intruders. In the United Kingdom, there are approximately 1,000 burglaries each and every day. In the United States, that number is substantially higher. Many homes are left exposed by French Doors. The Patlock attempts to prevent this problem by securing your home’s French doors once and for all. The Patlock may look like something that goes over your automobile’s steering wheel, but it is specifically designed to slip over dual door handles.

The innovative device requires no security code and can be attached to your French door in a matter of seconds. Once it has been put in place, no intruder will be able to enter through your French door without you knowing about it. All homeowners that have a French door will strongly want to consider adding the Patlock to their arsenal.

The Arlo


While indoor cameras can be beneficial, no home should be without outside security cameras. This is where Netgear’s Arlo enters the picture. The Arlo is truly one of the most compact and versatile security cameras on the market. The condensed size of the camera and its wireless connectivity give the user the ability to install the camera pretty much anywhere. Despite its size, the camera easily matches the functionality and performance of much more expensive alternatives.

In fact, it delivers crisp HD video, IFTTT compatibility and free Cloud storage. Plus, the camera can be triggered by sound and motion. This combination guarantees that nobody will be able set foot onto your property without you knowing about it.


The Blink Home Security Camera System

blink home security camera system

Those looking for a cost-effective way to protect their home should look no further than the Blink Home Security Camera System. The camera is capable of serving dual purposes, thanks to the motion detection capabilities. When motion is detected, the camera will immediately capture an HD video of the action and save it to the Cloud. At the same time, the consumer will receive a notification directly to their smartphone. The combination ensures the consumer is aware of the situation, while subsequently catching the intruder in the act.

The camera also offers an abundance of other excellent features. For instance, users can always check out a live stream of the camera through their mobile phone. Even better is the fact that the camera can be used without any monthly fee.

While do it yourself solutions are cost-effective, they’re not always the best option. Those that demand maximum peace of mind will be better served by a monitored security system. By analyzing Protect America reviews, you will quickly discover that upgrading to a professionally monitored system is often very advantageous.

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