How Communication has Evolved through the Ages and What to Expect in the Future

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How Communication has Evolved through the Ages and What to Expect in the Future

December 17, 2015

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When you look back through history it’s remarkable to see how far civilization has come. As humans we’ve gone from having relatively nothing to building huge skyscrapers in cities, planes that can travel at hundreds of miles an hour, and massive ships that carry millions of tons of cargo across the oceans. Another big change over the years has been the evolution of communication, and how we can interact with other people all over the world from the comfort of our own living rooms.

Communication all changed dramatically, of course, with the birth of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell famously invented this miraculous device in 1876, where people could somehow talk to each other “through electricity.” From there the telephone was refined and enhanced, with long distance calls soon becoming possible. This connected a whole world of people together in ways that simply couldn’t be imagined before, and it changed the world for the better.

It paved the way for radio and TV, but the next massive step in communication arrived with the invention of the Internet. This allowed people to not only send files from one place to another with ease, but it became a place to put information where anyone in the world could see it. We all know what the Internet grew to become, but in the early days it was still used fairly exclusively by businesses for getting work done. That all changed when VoIP arrived on the scene.


VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, and it works by transferring voice signals between IP addresses. This meant you could start talking to people wherever they were as long as they had access to a computer and an Internet connection. With the evolution of broadband, the calls became more reliable and there were less connectivity issues, making this technology a quick and easy way to communicate with whoever you wanted to.

Of course, making international calls from your phone has now caught up with VoIP, so for example if you wanted to make a cheap call to loved ones in places like Australia, India or anywhere else, then it’s a simple process that doesn’t have to break the bank. However, just a few decades ago this was ground-breaking technology that enabled people to stay in touch like never before. With the progress being made in areas like virtual reality, we can only expect communication to evolve even more in the near future. The possibilities are endless.

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