Do You Need the Most Expensive HDMI Cables?

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Do You Need the Most Expensive HDMI Cables?

December 12, 2015

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It’s the same question that has been asked since the beginning of time, or at least in the digital age: Does it really mater what kind of cables you use to connect your entertainment center? There are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to this question.

First, you have the people that can’t tell the difference, or just don’t care. These are the people that use component cables to hook up their video game consoles and their cable boxes. They are the people that don’t mind 720p televisions because it makes no difference to them. They think that downloaded and streaming music sounds just as good as vinyl. Bottom line is that they just don’t care.

But the second group of people do know that there is a difference in what the audio and video quality are when you use the proper cables. They take the time to do a little homework and find the correct cables to use. They know that the only true way to achieve HD quality is to use HDMI cables like these. This way the Blu-ray player, video games consoles, and home theater that you spent good money on are used to their full capabilities. What good is spending the money on these cool devices if you only get 50 percent of their capabilities to enjoy?


There are a few versions of HDMI out there, as the cabling has changed over the years, alongside the technology of TVs and playback devices. As HDMI has evolved from 1.0 to 1.4, features have been added to increase color quality and sound, and in the case of the current standard of HDMI 1.4 ethernet connectivity for data transfer. The newest version of HDMI is that of 2.0, which has been built to handle the throughput needed to showcase 4K imagery on your devices. 

But, what everybody should know is that unless you are an audiophile or you work in the recording industry, you don’t need the most expensive version of every cable. There are brands out there that try to sway an unknowing, uneducated public into purchasing their products under the guise that because they are the most expensive, they are the best. That is not necessarily the truth, just because they are the most expensive doesn’t make them the best and like anything else in life, choose according to your needs. You can almost always throw out the very cheapest and the most expensive and compromise by picking up something in the middle.

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