Dread X Collection
Dread X Collection Giveaway
Books, television, and radio have all made great use of anthologies in the past.
GOG Giveaway Winter Sale 2019
GOG Winter Sale Giveaway - Part 2
The Winter Sale is still running over at GOG, and we've got another 25 games to giveaway from the
GOG Sale Winter
GOG Winter Sale Giveaway - Part 1
The Winter Sale is live at GOG, and we've teamed up with them to giveaway 25 different games from their sale to our readers!
GOG TechRaptor Halloween Giveaway
Techraptor GOG Halloween Giveaway
Trick or Treat
Billy Bomber
Nintendo Switch Puzzler Billy Bomber Giveaway
Bombs Away!
TechRaptor and GOG
TechRaptor GOG New Site Giveaway
Continuing The New Site Celebration
GOG and TechRaptor Partnership
TechRaptor New Site Grand Re-Opening GOG Giveaway
Decay of Surging Cthulhu Wood Fury
TechRaptor and Humble Partnership
TechRaptor Humble Bundle Grand Site Relaunch Giveaway
A Humble Offering
Renowned Explorers 3
Abbey Games Renowned Explorers Giveaway
TechRaptor has partnered with Abbey Games to give away 5 copies of their acclaimed (
esport manager
ESport Manager Switch Giveaway!
TechRaptor has teamed up with publisher Ultimate Games to giveaway another title, this time the new to Switch ESport Manager.
down to hell giveaway
Down to Hell Game Giveaway
Today we're partnering with developer Red Dev Studio to giveaway 3 copies of their newly released game Down to Hell.
time of legends joan of arc part 1
Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Legendary Dragon Giveaway
To celebrate the launch of our Time of Legends Joan of Arc Narrative Battle Series, Mythic Games have kindly given us a Legendary Dragon B
gamesplanet 7x contest
Gamesplanet Summer Sale 7 Games Giveaway
Summer Sales
shockrods beta
ShockRods Closed Beta Giveaway - 2,000 Keys
We're back with a new giveaway, and have tons of keys for ShockRods' Closed Beta, thanks to our Partners at
village attacks (1)
Village Attacks Giveaway
Following on from our Village Attacks On The Tabletop
tokyo highway boardgame
Tokyo Highway Giveaway
Following on from our Tokyo Highway review, Asmodee UK
hunt showdown giveaway header
Join the Hunt: Showdown in our Closed Alpha Giveaway (50 Codes)
Happy Friday!
Next Up Hero Gameplay
Live, Die, and Live Again With Our Next Up Hero Beta Giveaway
Digital Continue debuted as a studio in May of 2017 by bringing Lock's Quest
battlerite deathstalker scorpion giveaway header
Battlerite Mass Giveaway - Deathstalker Scorpion Mount (500 Keys)
My friends, we've come to the last giveaway of 2017.
genetic disaster giveaway header
Team Up For Our Genetic Disaster Launch Giveaway
As we all prepare for our winter festive celebration of choice, we must indulge in the gift of giving.
Laser League Closed Beta Header
Enlist in our Laser League Closed Beta Giveaway!
Octogeddon Screenshot 3
Grab A Golden Ticket And Enter Our Octogeddon Closed B8ta Giveaway!
Eight. It's a number that means a lot of things to a lot of different people.
Unlock The Whole Roster In Our Battlerite "All Champions" Giveaway
After a timely holiday break, it's time to return to the world of Battlerite! Why another giveaway so soon? It's simple.
Blood Ancestors Header
Blood Ancestors Closed Alpha Free Giveaway
We've teamed up with the folks at Snowpeak Studios to do a giveaway for the upcoming Blood Ancestors closed alpha!
Battlerite Free to Play Launch Giveaway Header
Unleash Ashka The Molten Fury in our Battlerite Launch Giveaway
It's been a long road for Battlerite, but the top down hero brawler has finally launched out of Early Access and is Free to Play for all.
INSIDIA Giveaway Header
INSIDIA Combat Starter Pack Mass Giveaway
If you're a gamer who is somehow not playing Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II, or 
Hand of the Gods Mayan God Giveaway Console Beta
Hand of the Gods Console Beta Launch Mass Giveaway
October is here, and that means big games and big news.
Smite Ultimate God Pack Giveaway
SMITE Odyssey 2018 Ultimate God Pack Giveaway
It's Friday, which means that it's about time to start off this Ultimate God Pack Giveaway with a check in with our friends at Hi-Rez to see what t
Auto Age Standoff Header
Auto Age: Standoff Launch Giveaway
Happy Friday! This week's giveaway is once again shining a spotlight on a new indie game by giving our readers a chance to dive in free of cost.
Hand of the Gods Giveaway Header
Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Egyptian Starter Pack Mass Giveaway (5,000 Codes)
It was just a couple of months ago that Hand of the Gods hit the scene in open beta.