Real-time Strategy

Real-time Strategy Games

Age of Empires IV Key Art

Age of Empires, the classic real-time strategy game, has finally returned with a brand new entry. Age of Empires IV is finally here.  Participate in historical battles that have shaped the world.

Worms Rumble Key Art

The Worms series returns with a new outing from Team 17, Worms Rumble!  Worms Rumble is one of the biggest Worms games ever made, with 32-player arena-based combat to take the fight online. With

Factorio Key Art

Build and maintain your own factory empire in Factorio, from indie developer Wube Software LTD.  Mine resources, research technologies, and build a solid infrastructure from the ground up. Go from

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Art

Chaos reigns in what is considered the seminal title in the Warcraft series. Play in four separate campaigns and follow memorable characters in this highly polished, memorable real-time strategy game

13 Sentinels Aegis Rim Poster Art

From the creators of beloved games such as Dragon's Crown and Muramasa: The Demon Blade comes a brand new Sci-Fi adventure with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.  Set in a fictional 1980's Japan, 13

A mech rules the battlefield for the faction Saxony

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game built in the same world as the board game Scythe. Iron Harvest is an impressive game combining a large campaign, competitive online multiplayer, and AI

Desperados 3 Key Header

The Desperados series returns with Desperados 3. Developed by Mimimi Games, join John Cooper and a gang of misfit outlaws, bounty hunters, and femme Fatales as they traverse the old west together,

Stronghold Warriors game page featured image

The almost two-decades-old series returns to the real-time strategy scene once more with our best of E3 2019 Nominee, Stronghold: Warlords. Recruit, upgrade and command AI lords in order to boost

Logo for Circle Empires Rivals

Fight your opponents within interconnected circles in order to defeat them and steal their loot! Circle Empires Rivals is the sequel to the highly successful Circle Empires, containing more of what

Killer Queen Black Artwork

A fast paced online multiplayer strategy game for up to eight players, Killer Queen Black has you square off into two teams of four, or fly solo across six online battlefields with five distinct

A Year of Rain Game Page main image

A Year of Rain is an RTS emphasizing teamwork and strategy. You must build a base, defend it from invaders, and use your hero units to crush the opposition. From the game's website: "The Basics A

Anno 1800 featured image

Bring the industrial age to flourish in Anno 1800, the latest real-time strategy city-builder by Blue Bytes and published by Ubisoft.

A Total War Saga: TROY

A Total War Saga: Troy places you right in the Trojan War, controlling legendary heroes and deciding one of the most famous conflicts in history. Inspired by Homer's Iliad, you can take on the role

warparty game page

Warparty does its best to emulate the glory days of real-time strategy games. It feels very similar to Warcraft III in many respects, something that may be a plus or minus depending on what kind of

dawn of man game page

Created by the same developer behind Planetbase, Dawn of Man is a city builder that takes you back in time. Way back in time — you begin in the hunter-gatherer era when mankind was living hand to

war for the overworld game page

War for the Overworld is a spiritual successor to the classic Bullfrog game Dungeon Keeper. You take on the role of a fantasy evil Overlord who must create a dungeon that can defeat the forces of