Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you're looking for a good alternative to Apple's Magic Keyboard, the Vissles LP85 may have you covered. Our Review

Published: December 1, 2021 11:30 AM /

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Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard review

It seems pretty obvious that people look for different features in their keyboards, but I have this nasty habit of getting attached to keyboards I like and wanting everything in the future to have what the last one offered. Although it doesn't offer many gimmicks, the keyboard I take on after the Vissles LP85 has some pretty tough competition to go up against. 

Vissles LP85 - How does it look? 

The Vissles LP85 is possibly one of the nicest looking keyboards I've had the pleasure of testing for myself. When you first unbox it, you are greeted with a fairly understated and compact keyboard placed on an aluminum frame. It's got a very low profile that works to feel fairly understated on your desk - that is until you turn it on. 

Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard review

It shines bright with colors, contrasting wonderfully against the black of the keys and the subtle grey of the aluminum. I received the mac layout of this keyboard and hitting fn+del cycles through more than ten different profiles of colors. You can pick certain constant colors or have a rainbow shine throughout. 

Outside of this, you can opt for some pretty wild color combos, having an entire spectrum of colors come forth with every key press. It's a lot of fun to play with the different color modes, even if some of them can be a little distracting. You can swap them out easily, so you can find what works for you in a couple of seconds. 

Vissles LP85 - How does it work?

This review could almost do with a "how does it sound" section with how great this sounds to use. Keys are responsively clicky with a very satisfying sound. It's an optical-mechanical keyboard that sounds like a typewriter in use. If you are looking for a super silent keyboard, this may not be the best choice, but if you like sound, you won't want to miss this one. 

It also feels great to type with. The smaller design leaves less travel time between keys and the short keys leave presses precise and quick. Its colors can be pretty flashy but the physical act of using this keyboard is without any gimmicks at all. The keys are also intended to hang around for a long time with "fingerprint-resistant, soft-touch coating" keys designed to avoid any fading. If this does the job it promises, the Vissles LP85 could sit on your desk for a long time. 

Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard review

Perhaps destroying the purpose of having a low profile keyboard, but I would have liked to see an extendable set of legs on the bottom to hold this at an angle. When propped up against things on my desk, the benefits of this small change is made apparent.

This works better when you look at the connectivity modes. You can use it plugged in with the standard USBC - a decent choice. As well as this, you can use it entirely with bluetooth. As is expected, this keyboard performs at its best when plugged in but its wireless mode is a viable option for any user. Even in a tense gaming environment, bluetooth works solidly and the colors are fun to play around with while you wait for the next game.

This is, fundamentally, the experience that the Vissles LP85 offers. It succeeds in providing a keyboard that feels and sounds great to use It will look great on your desk and just has a certain joy to use. It doesn't take itself seriously with strange gimmicks or over the top marketing. It's just a fun, sturdy keyboard that's small enough to carry around with you.

Vissles LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard review

Vissles LP85 Review | Verdict

The Vissles LP85 is a fantastic compact keyboard with a great sound and even greater look. If you're looking for something to pair with your PC but don't want to cut corners with the looks, this is a great choice. If the loud clicks are something you like, there's little to complain about here. In both design and feel, it's a really decent alternative to the Apple Magic Keyboard with a much more fun color palette

The Vissles LP85 was provided by Vissles and can be purchased via their Kickstarter right now

Review Summary

The Vissles LP85 is an excellent Magic Keyboard replacement that provides a great enough feel and look to make up for its differences. (Review Policy)

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