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The Vertagear PL1000 is a great mid-range chair that is perfect for shorter gamers. Our review:

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PL1000 Gaming Chair

While gaming isn't the most body-intensive activity one can do, it can still play a massive role in your overall health. Without a good gaming chair, you can face problems like back and neck pain. Some gamers even find that they begin to have more cramping in their legs, and in my case, restless leg syndrome from my legs never touching the ground. The PL1000 actually remedies most of these problems by being an easily adjustable chair with lumbar support.

Assembling the PL1000

I am hopeless when it comes to assembling things, so when something comes with great instructions, as the PL1000 does, I breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Set-up was super simple, as the chair wasn't broken up into many parts. I had to assemble the bottom and add the wheels, but even that was a breeze. Once I got the bottom half done and gas lift set, I simply attached it to the seat of the chair and slid the back onto the metal brackets. This part was easy, and while one screw was being a bit feisty with me, the whole process of attaching the back was pretty painless. The whole process took me around 30 minutes, some of which was spent moving a curious cat.

PL1000 packaging

It's also worth mentioning that this chair came packaged extremely well. You should be warned, though; this chair has a metal frame and weighs over 50 pounds.

PL1000 Design and Size

The chair I was given is a light pink color, which is part of Vertagear's partnership with Susan G. Komen. There are plenty of other colors available like solid black, green, purple, white, red, and blue. I feel that the overall design of the chair is nice. I was a bit worried that the armrests would be uncomfortable as I usually get padded armrests, but so far, they have provided plenty of support. The back is also nice as it fits my back perfectly, something that my previous office chair failed miserably at.

I feel like a large range of people can comfortably fit in this chair without it feeling too snug. I have enough room to sit crosslegged with a blanket during the colder days of winter, so I'm perfectly happy with the width.

My favorite part about this chair is the fact that the gas lift is so easy to use and adjust. I am 5'2 at the most, so I often find myself having to use a box as a small ottoman; this chair can adjust so that I can easily touch the ground. I also tested it with a friend that stands in at around 6'0, and he found that the chair could also work well for him when properly adjusted.

I also found that it was easy to adjust the back. I generally enjoy having a slant so that I can lean back and relax, and this chair was easy to position for my midday break.

Gengar size comparsion

How Comfortable is the PL1000

I generally find myself floating towards cushioned chairs, so I was a bit apprehensive at first as the Vertagear PL1000 looks very firm. I have been using it daily for about six to eight hours each day, both gaming and working, and haven't had a single issue out of my back or neck. Since I work as a journalist, I don't get much time away from my computer, and during some of my breaks, I find myself having to eat at my desk or catch up on new trailers. I found that the PL1000 is perfect for leaning back during my break, and the included pillow is perfect for giving my head and neck a brief break from sitting upright.

PL1000 Movement and Durability

Wheeling around in the chair is pretty smooth, and it holds steady even when I'm constantly changing sitting positions throughout the day. It also has decent resistance to pets, as my cats haven't managed to shred it while hopping up and down when I leave them unattended in my office. It's also easy to clean up and pretty water-resistant as my cats spilled punch on it. With just a bit of soap and water, the red liquid wiped up without leaving a stain on the chair.

PL1000 Review | Verdict

This is honestly a great mid-range gaming chair, and I have even retired my Serta office chair in favor of it, something I wasn't expecting to do in the beginning. The gas lift is convenient, and it's made to fit a large range of gamers, regardless of their height or body type. The chair itself is sturdy, comfortable for long periods of time, and comes in an attractive range of colors. I also love that it's easy to clean up, as spills and messes are going to happen in life, and there's nothing worse than a piece of furniture that can't easily be cleaned.

TechRaptor's Vertagear PL1000 review was was conducted using a chair provided by Vertagear.

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