Starward Rogue Video Review: Disembodied Head In A Mech

Published: March 10, 2016 8:26 PM /

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Starward Rogue

For the price of £8.99 or $11.99 for you Americans, Starward Rogue can be yours. However, why exactly would you want to own this game? To answer that question, you'll have to watch my video review of the title.

To summarise the video, if you are into roguelikes such as The Binding of Isaac or shoot 'em ups games such as Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, then you will most definitely enjoy Starward Rogue. Sure it doesn't do much new for the genre's that are found within Starward Rogue but the game you see and the game you will hopefully buy is one that is very polished and great to play. The use of procedurally generated environments, the fun and challenging mix of enemies with various attack patterns and the playable mechs to choose from will surly make each new run unique and enjoyable. However, the fact that you have to start all the way from the beginning after dying, might put you off but you are meant to learn from such experiences and make sure you search for loot like power-ups and new weapons.

For those who are easily discouraged, you can always adjust the difficulties or if you are tough (like me), you can always crank that bad boy up and prepare for a whole new world of pain. Whatever your gameplay style may be, Starward Rogue does not fail to entertain and for someone who doesn't really play these types of game, it was this game that has now made me look for more games like it.

Starward Rogue was reviewed on Steam using a copy provided by the developer.

Review Summary


Starward Rogue is a complete title and is worth playing if you are a fan of roguelike games. It may not be a masterpiece, but it belongs next to other great games in the genre and it will sure to have you stuck playing it for hours.

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