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Published: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Rutledge Daugette

If you're a fan of Star Trek, then companion app to the all-new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek Rivals is a perfect mix of simplicity and addictive gameplay. This review, much like the game, will be short and to the point, because the app is incredibly simple to use and play. Using cards that have characters, enemies, ships, and more from Into Darkness Itself, Rivals is good, addictive fun that you can play for both minutes and hours. On top of that, it's free-to-play model allows you to play as much as you want without opening your digital wallet, which is definitely something everyone will like.


Star Trek Rivals

Now if you've ever played the card games that were part of Final Fantasy VIII(Triple Triad) or Final Fantasy IX(Tetra Master), then you are already familiar with Star Trek Rivals. The gameplay is simple, use your cards to defeat as many of your opponent's card on the 3x3 grid as you can. Each card has a number value assigned to each of its' four sides, and that number is essentially that card's strength. When you put down a card, if the number that you have touching another card is higher than the other card's, then you win and gain one more card/point. But there's a twist! If one card defeats a card that defeated another, it creates a chain of cards, allowing you to chain together as many "wins" as possible to maximize the number of points you have. Have more cards/points than your opponent, and you win!

Triple Triad
Triple Triad


Final Fantasy IX Card Game

Obviously, with most free-to-play games, there is sometimes a hitch where you need to pay money to be able to advance forward or be good enough to defeat opponents. Star Trek Rivals does not require any money for you to improve or get better. When you win a battle, you get credits which you can then spend on card packs to get more cards (varying in rarity depending on the packs you buy, see below). You can also buy cards with gold pressed latinum, which is gained faster by purchasing, but can be earned by gaining levels. Every level you gain, you get two gold pressed latinum.

Star Trek Rivals

The great thing about Star Trek Rivals is how it's free, and easy to play. You can have 5 or more games running at once, depending on the number of cards/unique cards you have. You start with about 25 cards, allowing up to 5 games simultaneously. For a game of this nature, there's a good chance people won't play it often enough for you to be able to finish games, but Star Trek Rivals addresses this by giving you the option to force your opponent to forfeit if they haven't made a move in 36 hours, allowing for more game completions. Every time you win or lose, you gain experience and credits, allowing you to buy more cards to challenge others with. Play as many games as you want at a time to get more credits, and more cards.

Star Trek RivalsEasy to pick up and play when you want, Star Trek Rivals is a great free card game for iOS users and Star Trek fans alike. With the ability to play from time to time and not have to constantly play to advance, like many of the free strategy games out there, Star Trek Rivals offers hours and hours of fun strategy gameplay. Send me a challenge and see if you can beat me, Elrebrin.

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Offering hours of competitive fun, Star Trek Rivals is worth a look.Offering hours of competitive fun, Star Trek Rivals is worth a look.



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