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Published: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Rutledge Daugette

Space Bits is a mobile game that is both addictive, time consuming, and fun. A top down, scrolling shooter, you battle through wave after wave of enemies to finish the level, and at the end of each stage, take down the boss! The possibilites for enemy combinations, different ships, and  diverse weapons are very broad and offer you a wide array of ways to play! The creator of Space Bits, Mike Dickman is currently working on even more levels, enemies, weapons, and ships than there already are. Here's our review:




Space Bits is a simple game, defeat wave after wave of enemy across multiple stages, ending with a very challenging boss fight. This has been done time and time again, but this game is different. With a great mix of customization and role-playing elements, you can play the game as you want. There are a few ways you can play the game, mainly through the upgrading of skills as you make your way up to level 25. You can focus on attack, defense, or avoidance as you make your way through the game, based on your preferred playstyle.

Space Bits Menu

The game is run by stop-and-go gameplay, using your finger to control your ship on the screen. You control only it's movement, as the firing is automatic based upon the weapon you have equipped. Fast and medium powered, slow and powerful, the choice is your as you go level by level. Taking your finger off the screen pauses the game and allows you to look at, take, equip, or delete the weapons and ships that drop as you kill enemies. Killing the myriad types of enemies that you come across in each level rewards you experience that will level you up. Level up, and you gain points to distribute to "Weapons", "Armor", or "Agility", with each point increasing the effectivenewss of each by a small percentage. Choose wisely, it will affect how effective you are. (If necessary, you can always start over too!)

Space Bits Attributes

There are a few downsides to the gamplay however, but they are really only minor. First off, when using an iPad in either 1x or 2x zoom, if your finger goes off the screen, even a little, the game will pause as it should. This is fine when you want it to happen, but in the heat of battle, can cause unwanted damage when you unpause. On top of that, the current max level is 25, meaning that once you reach that, you can no longer level up and gain more skill points. In all honesty, a bit more may be needed for the second boss, who is incredibly hard (and currently, the end of the game - see below for more on that!)

Space Bits Inventory


By far, the best part of the gameplay is that no matter how many times you play the game it will be different every time. Thanks to randomly generated levels, enemies, and drops, the game changes every time you play it. Even if you play the same level multiple times, it will continue to be different. It is a great way to have a game like this, as having randomly generated enemies and levels makes for an interesting level/game every time!

Space Bits Combat

Graphics and Audio

The graphics of the game are simple sprites over a scrolling tileset background. In a game like Space Bits, though, simplicity is the best. The simplicity of the art lends itself to the overall style of the game, however, with a wide array of sprites for you ship, as well as fantastic looking enemies, bosses, and weapons. Overall, the art is perfect for the game, as simple and effective as the gameplay itself.  Just like the graphics, the audio is simple, clean, and fantastic. It enhances the game from the menu screen to the levels themselves. The "old school" feel of the game is definitely a good fit for a mobile game of this type, and Space Bits nails it.

Space Bits Ship



Space Bits is a game that well worth the $0.99 you pay for it in every way possible. Providing hours of fun that you can play over and over again due to the (current) shortness of the game. You can play it over and over again, and due to the fact that every level and weapon/ship drop is randomized, the game is different each time you play. If you're looking for a small game that you can play between office meetings, on a long flight, or even on the beach, I recommend this cool indie game!

Update from the Developer:

On his recently submitted update:

A third location has been added to the game that can be played after completing the desert area's boss. The third area includes more levels than either of the first two areas, plus a slew of new enemies and a new boss to take on. New and more powerful weapons and armor have been added as well, including a new weapon type, the launcher (splash damage rockets!). Of course, new weapons and armor also means new ultra-rare red items to discover. Many other small tweaks will be added as well, such as an improved level-up UI and a smoother difficulty curve for the first few levels.

Speaking of updates, I'm currently hard at work on the next one, which will primarily be focused on making Space Bits a universal app and improving performance for older devices.

Review Summary


Easy to hop into, and addictive gameplay for a low price.



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