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Who would have thought that hitting a wayward banana with a plastic fish would be so satisfying? Rubber Bandits wastes no time in putting you in your place as soon as the game starts, where you'll have to break out of prison just to prove that you're a hardened criminal. 

You'll rummage around in your cell for anything you can chuck at those bars keeping you from your freedom outside but not before picking a game mode first. The Brawl mode lets you duke it out with your fellow crooks to be the last felon standing, while the Heist mode lets you go head-to-head with others to see who can steal the most loot. There's something about a selfish free-for-all that brings out the crazy in everyone, but for me, I personally loved the Arcade mode most of all.

In the Arcade mode, you'll team up with up to three other players either in local co-op or online to sneak your way through levels and outwit unwitting guards. Rubber Bandits does a fantastic job at detailing each target location like you're reviewing your game plan right before a big heist, telling you where the entry points are, where the loot is located, and how to reach your quick getaway when you get busted.

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Each level lasts about less than a minute, really, depending on how aggressive you and your teammates are when it comes to bagging the loot. You'll visit everything from heavily guarded museums to the airport's baggage claim, looking for a big score while avoiding the authorities at the same time.

Sure, there are plenty of other co-op party games out there, but this one sets itself apart by adding a different kind of handicap for everyone, in that none of you are particularly well-equipped to pull off a stealthy heist.

What makes this mode the most enjoyable for me is the fact that the guards themselves are equally as clumsy as you are. True to the game's title, the characters you pick are all pretty wobbly, and it's this kind of physics-influenced movement that makes each run interesting and unique. Sure, there are plenty of other co-op party games out there, but this one sets itself apart by adding a different kind of handicap for everyone, in that none of you are particularly well-equipped to pull off a stealthy heist.

Every character from the too-obvious giant yellow banana to the random dude in a bright red tracksuit can easily be spotted and apprehended by the cops, and watching your own characters hobble from place to place is already a hilarious experience on its own.

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Of course, that's not to say that the gameplay lacks any real substance, because each level is as colorful as it is enjoyable. You can pretty much use anything within reach to defend yourself against the cops (or to annoy your other teammates just because). Freeze guns, boxing gloves, and over-the-top explosives are all fair game, with the ultimate goal of nabbing as much loot as you can then slipping by the angry cops and making a quick getaway.

The thing is, you can still drag each other down even when you're playing as a team because an overall ranking at the end of the mode will reward the player with the most loot scored with the ultimate bragging rights. So, by all means, you can keep each other from making it out of the crime scene and escaping all by your lonesome, because when it comes to rubbery lawless criminals, it's every man for himself.

I did encounter a few glitches while playing, as sometimes, my character would get stuck in between platforms or would be wiggling around on its own. While this may be pretty frustrating if you're going for the gold, I thought it simply added to the overall hilarity of the game.

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Case in point: in one particular playthrough, my teammates and I assigned someone to be the fall guy, whose only task is either to distract the cops or to sacrifice himself and keep the authorities from catching everyone else during a daring escape. The game doesn't really take itself seriously, and neither did we - which is why when the levels ended and the ranking results came in, we were all hilariously surprised to see the fall guy ranking first above everyone else. Suffice it to say that everyone had a good laugh (with maybe even a few tears shed here and there).

Rubber Bandits | Final Thoughts

Rubber Bandits is a casual, lighthearted, and totally ridiculous game that's perfect for game night with your family and friends. I honestly didn't expect too much from it, thinking that I'd seen it all before, but the game did surprise me with how enjoyable it is. It's nothing too ingenious or groundbreaking, but if all you really want is a rolling-on-the-floor-laughing moment during a quick game, it does the job really, really well.

By the way, you can also use all that money you collect to buy skins, which are all just cosmetics. I would've liked it if they had some special skills you can use during heists, but I suppose you can't have everything.

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TechRaptor reviewed Rubber Bandits on Steam with a copy provided by the publisher. The game is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Review Summary

Rubber Bandits is a wacky multiplayer beat 'em up from Flashbulb that lets you team up or compete against others for the perfect heist. It's not the most intellectual game out there, nor is it the most original, but if you're ready to turn your brain off and indulge in a good laugh, then you're in good company. (Review Policy)


  • Absolutely Hilarious Gameplay
  • Rubbery Bandits Add A Fun Challenge To Mobility
  • Lighthearted, Vibrant Visuals


  • Not The Most Original Game
  • Cosmetics Are Kinda Plain
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