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Published: January 16, 2014 6:50 PM /

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Ripple Racer is a fresh take on an old game. If you have ever played Cube Racer, you will know what to expect when you first load up Ripple Racer on your device. The game is unique since it is built to go with your pick of music. When you first start Ripple Racer, you will be prompted to pick a song from your library. The song is then analyzed, which takes about 10 seconds, and then the game begins.

You control a ship that is flying through a 2D plane and dodge blocks that pop up in your field of view. The unique part of that game is that obstacles and scenery will pop up ahead with the beat of your music. If you are wearing headphones, it is easy to get lost in the game, rocking to your music while dodging blocks all in tune.


Even though Ripple Racer is so similar to Cube Racer, which has been around for years, the art and colors make it feel top-notch. As you fly through the blocks that are quickly coming towards you, the entire game morphs into different colors and always has a fresh look. The graphics are simple, smooth, and fun to watch.

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Although Ripple Racer is fun and soothing to play, it is not flawless. The game offers you the ability to play in portrait or landscape mode, but beyond that there are not many options to choose from. It would be nice to see some other game modes to keep the game feeling fresh, and an option to touch the screen to turn instead of just tilting the device. Also, there were quite a few times when I thought I had run into a block, but the ship would pass right through it and the game would continue. This was frustrating since I couldn’t trust in my abilities when I played a level. There were also issues where the game wouldn’t end, even after hitting 20 blocks in a row. If these issues could be sorted out, this game would be more impressive.

After viewing Ripple Racer on an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air, it is easy to see that the game is made to be played on an iPhone. When played on the iPad, even thought the game only takes up 2/3 of the screen, it still looks pixelated. This was a disappointment since it seems like it would be a great game to play on a large Retina display.


Overall, Ripple Racer is an interesting game that looks good as long as you are playing on a phone rather than an iPad. It feels like a simple and relaxing game rather than an intense arcade game where I am driven to beat my last score. Although it may feel stale after a short while since the gameplay doesn’t change too much, it is just about worth the $0.99 to have a unique game in your library.

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Ripple Racer is a fresh take on an old game.

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