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The Razer Viper Ultimate is an impressive looking wireless mouse with an even more impressive battery life. Our review

Published: November 20, 2021 12:00 PM /

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Razer Viper Ultimate

Wireless mice can occasionally be a little hit or miss. Though the improved functionality is noticeable, the things you give up to have it leave just as big an impact. The Razer Viper Ultimate promises many things and manages to give so much more.

Razer Viper Ultimate - How does it look?

The Razer Viper Ultimate looks exactly like the standard Viper. You can read our piece on them right here. It's a surprisingly understated mouse without flashy lights and wild gimmicks. It does have a small light where you would put your palm and some sharp angles, but with a name like Viper, you naturally anticipate something much more out there. 

Razer Viper Ultimate

The great thing about this mouse's design is its ambidextrous focus. It has a symmetrical button and two buttons on each side, all programmable to get different keys. Regardless of what hand you use, it's an excellent choice for your setup. Alongside this, you can find a scroll wheel, the central mouse buttons, and a mode/dpi switch on the very bottom. This could perhaps be in a better place but it still feels like a well designed and solidly put together build. 

Razer Viper Ultimate - how does it work?

The first thing I noticed when taking this out of the box is its built-in charging dock. After recently using the Roccat Kone Pro Air (another great wireless mouse), I didn't realize quite how great a charging dock can be. With the Kone, I had to manually plug in a USB leaving my workspace looking a bit cluttered. The charging dock lights up and places the mouse at an angle upwards, stopping it from accidentally going off. It looks great and regularly reminds me to charge my mouse as I go to bed. 

Although it has a great dock, the most impressive thing about this mouse is its battery life. I went upwards of a week without charging it and never ran out. It would then fully charge in just a few hours. This trade-off is excellent, ensuring I never run out of battery. The only issue with the dock is a lack of a wall charger or some way of charging it when the PC is off. This is a very minor issue but there are very few times when I had the PC on but didn't need to use a mouse. It worked with my own adapter just fine but this would have been a great inclusion in the box. 

At the very bottom of the mouse is a small compartment for a USB to fit in and this is how you connect it to your PC. In my time with this mouse, I didn't notice a single bit of lag or any difficulties connecting. I went and compared it to my wired Viper and the experience is identical. This mouse does everything that can with the added bonus of being wireless. It also has a USB connection at the top so you can turn it into a wired mouse easily. Of course, my own cables aren't quite as nice and have a little more drag than the braided cables of the standard Viper but this is a downside I'm willing to take. 

Razer Viper Ultimate

The Viper isn't quite as flashy as other mice - it doesn't have built-in fans or tons of buttons - but it's a solid no-nonsense mouse with excellent use and even better battery time. You can hook it up to the Razer app to further increase its functionality and customize the RGB a little. If you want better battery life, you can turn off those lights but I rarely felt the need to do so. 

As stated in my Viper review, this mouse feels great. It fits comfortably in the palm and the ambidextrous design leaves both sides feeling smooth and comfortable. It is also incredibly light and great for gaming. This is a mouse that excels when gaming but it also functions fantastically day to day, feeling effortless in the hand. 

Razer Viper Ultimate Review | Verdict

The Razer Viper Ultimate is a wonderfully versatile and usable wireless mouse with a great battery life and an even better feel. Though it could do with more features and a way to charge it when the PC is off, these are only minor nitpicks for one of my favorite mouse I've used this year. 

The Razer Viper Ultimate was provided by Razer and can be purchased on their site now or via Amazon.

Review Summary

The Viper Ultimate is a wonderfully versatile and usable wireless mouse with a great battery life and an even better feel. (Review Policy)

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