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Published: June 22, 2021 1:00 PM /


Razer Iskur

Razer is a brand well known for gaming peripherals. If you’re looking for a new mouse, keyboard, or something a little bit different, there’s a good chance you’ve set your eyes on this RGB-laden brand before. Known for high-quality goods at a premium price, there’s a lot to love in their back catalog. For this reason, taking the plunge into gaming chairs made even more sense. Though its premium price definitely shows in the build quality, the Razer Iskur's lack of customization and one size fits some approach definitely leave me aiming a little higher. 

The Build

The Razer Iskur made itself known on my doorstep immediately with its stature and weight. In the box, the total package weighed over 30kg, a hefty assembly that you will definitely need a friend or two for. Setting this up solo will not only be tedious but it could be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. 

Razer Iskur

This being said, the build itself is easy and straightforward with a friend. As long as you have someone to hold it up where needed and flip it over, this was far easier than its heavyweight and gamer-focused design may have you believe. It comes with all the necessary tools and equipment, a nice touch that stops you from running to the shop on your lunch break to pick up what’s needed. Of course, you can use your own tools if they work better for you, but there’s no real need to do so. Things clicked together and fit together easily. 

The build was so easy that I was actually rather surprised when it was done. I expected one or two more directions that never came. You build the base and chair differently and then just slot them together. Unfortunately, both of the bottom pedals didn’t work when I put it together but this was just stiffness from transport. With a little bit of warming up and small movements, the chair was ready and good to go. The build was easy and simple, even with a very heavy frame. There are lots of little parts, but they are compartmentalized well, so as long as you have a friend to help and enough spare room on the floor to hold everything, this should be a decent experience. 

How Is It?

The Razer Iskur feels like a very sturdy chair the second you sit in it. The padding has this soft quality that contrasts against the rigid confines of the chair in a way that’s oddly comforting given the strict setup of everything. The heavy frame and strict lumbar support provide a certain hardness to jam your back into where the detachable headrest applies needed comfort. 

Razer Iskur

This being said, if you are a bit on the larger side, have particularly large legs, or just sit a little differently, the Razer Iskur is not for you. Its design seems made for people with very traditional proportions, something that would be okay in a chair at a fraction of its price. For that huge tag, some form of customization would be nice. This isn’t something that bothers me majorly but is definitely worth mentioning. 

Outside of this, the chair is mostly rather comfortable and its lumbar support is a great way of producing good posture while you game. You can swing the chair back and move this support around to your liking, something that makes the more formal sitting posture relax somewhat. The small side rests can be moved up and down as well as left and right, allowing some more room or giving a slightly tighter seat when you’re feeling it. It offers just enough on the sides and bottom to mess with for a better seat without feeling needless. This is a hard balance to strike, and the Iskur does it well. The seat itself has two cushioned sides, likely intended to cushion the sides of your thighs. Unfortunately, they are a little too hard to press against when you move around and their shape is intrusive to bigger thighs. Without these and a slightly more cushioned seat, this would likely be a much nicer seat to sit in. 

Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur Review — Verdict

The Razer Iskur is very clearly a premium chair. It's heavy and big, with great lumbar support and enough adjustability to work for many seating styles. This being said, if you like to put your feet up or you yourself have a bit of a heavier frame, this isn’t the chair for you. This might be overlooked in a cheaper chair, but in a chair of its caliber, I was hoping for something a little greater. This is a really solid chair but I would recommend trying one out for yourself before you spend all that money. 

The Razer Iskur was provided by Flexispot and is available from their site now or here via Amazon.

Review Summary

The Razer Iskur is a really solid chair but I would recommend trying one out for yourself before you spend all that money.  (Review Policy)
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