PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller For Xbox Series X|S Review

Published: September 3, 2021 12:00 PM /


PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller

Microsoft have made a truly great controller with their Series X/S consoles. Instead of revolutionizing the market, they stuck with what works and made it just a little more functional. It’s comfortable, sturdy and just looks great with any set up. For this reason, other controllers have a very high bar to reach. Now with the resurgence of their design lab, it becomes even harder to shell out the cash for something a little different. The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller certainly is different, but I’m not sure it beats that original design.

How Does It Look?

In comparison to a standard Series X controller, the Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller looks very similar. There are only a handful of standout differences like a much more simplified four direction D-Pad, more pronounced buttons, and the addition of a little switch to mute your mic or change the volume. Outside of that, the size and dimensions are similar, and this has that handy capture button that the previous fusion controller was missing

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S

When turning it over, you might notice the rubberized grips both due to their look and grayish green color. Frankly, I’m not a fan of how the grips look but they justify themselves in how they feel and work, an unfortunate tradeoff. Outside of this, the controller is generally quite a nice looking controller and even the little customization pieces like back panels and extra buttons don’t look too overwhelming. 

With a nice white and green color scheme (and a replaceable front plate in case you prefer the full black look), it stands out as its own controller without feeling cheap or second hand. Unlike the times of old, this is not the controller you give your younger brother instead of the official stuff. This is just as nice as any controller in my collection

How does it feel?

The first thing I noticed on picking up this controller are the adjustable paddles at the back. Their metal frames jut out, allowing you to set your own custom mapping for the future. For the most part, they feel decent with a nice responsiveness to them. This being said, they do feel a slight bit flimsy, coming out of their socket a little too easy. Sometimes, if you push them back enough when playing, they come loose a little bit but this seems like more of an issue with the way I hold the controller than the build itself. 

You can take them off entirely if you aren’t feeling it though which shines a light on PowerA’s best features - its customizability. The second thing you will likely notice as you pick it up are the rubberised grips. They feel surprisingly smooth, not taking away from the experience of holding the controller. The triggers can feel a little bit clumsy in comparison to a Microsoft controller but customizable trigger locks make up for the difference. The PowerA Fusion Pro Wired Controller is also a little heavier than the standard Series X controller - something that felt comfortable in my hands but might fatigue others. 

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S

Outside of the customization features and the new mute button, this is more or less a very similar controller to those found in your Series X bundle, coming in at a slightly bigger price point. This brings us to the central decision you have to make here - is it worth the extra price? Honestly, this is a hard one to answer. The standard Series X controller is lighter, wireless and has nicer triggers but the Fusion Pro 2 has plenty of little ideas and gimmicks that justify the price. Like most things in life, you may just have to test it to see. 

PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller - Verdict

The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X is a sturdy and very customizable controller - capable of replacing almost any controller in your arsenal. With a great look, some nice options and a nifty mute button, I constantly find a good use of all the little changes. This being said, it doesn’t rise above its competitors as usually expected from PowerA. The standard Microsoft Series X controller is just so comfortable and well designed that it holds its own against it. It is also cheaper than the Fusion Pro 2. If you want to pay a little more just to get those features, this is a good choice. If not, the standard controller is hard to put down again.

The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller For Xbox Series X|S was provided by PowerA and can be purchased on their site or via Amazon right now.

Review Summary

The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S is a solid replacement to the standard controller that doesn't quite beat it. (Review Policy)
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