The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Review

The Outer Worlds' second and final DLC is here with Murder on Eridanos, which provides a dialogue-heavy but entertaining adventure.

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Murder on Eridanos

The pulp, retro aesthetic and themes of The Outer Worlds is a prime setting for a good ol' murder mystery, and what do you know? The second and final DLC for Obsidian's RPG, Murder on Eridanos, provides just that. While the previous DLC, Peril on Gorgon, featured a heavier emphasis on combat, reading through notes, terminals, and listening to audio logs, Murder on Eridanos is a conversation-heavy, slower adventure that takes advantage of The Outer Worlds' stellar dialogue system.

Murder on Eridanos
Halcyon Helen, who was tragically murdered and now the subject of your investigation.

Solving the Mystery of Murder on Eridanos

Trade the faraway asteroid of Gorgon with the much more resplendent and lavish floating islands of Eridanos. This is an area owned by yet another corporation—capitalism is king in The Outer Words, remember—by the name of Rizzo's, a beverage manufacturer. On the premises of said area is a grand hotel along with tourist attractions such as a garden where a purple variety of berries are grown, as well as the "Wildlife Exploitation Reserve." A popular actress known as Halcyon Helen was murdered on the premises right before the unveiling of the company's latest product, Rizzo's Brown. You, the player, are tasked with unveiling the mystery behind this murder.

I don't have many complaints about Murder on Eridanos, but my most prominent gripe was evident from the start: it's another mystery. The previous DLC, Peril on Gorgon, was not a murder, but it did involve the player character investigating into a matter shrouded in a haze of intrigue and doubt. Obsidian had the opportunity to explore the fantastic world of The Outer Worlds through other means—this was the time to do it as the last DLC—but instead, Murder on Eridanos is a contained incident that doesn't feel too riveting for the game's universe.

Gripe aside, Murder on Eridanos is peak The Outer Worlds. My favorite part of the base game was the witty dialogue and the hilarious, quirky nature of the conversations. You could talk your way into and out of most situations and steer the narrative in a direction that fits your character. As this is a murder mystery, it involves a lot of questioning. You'll question numerous suspects and gather evidence and alibis from them as you explore Eridanos.

Murder on Eridanos
I don't know if I should be scared or just feel bad for him.

Gathering information comprises roughly 90 percent of my eight-hour playthrough of this DLC, with the latter being combat. For those who prefer The Outer Worlds' combat (which, in my mind, is quite clunky), you'll probably find the amount of talking unsavory. Conversely, if you find that poking holes in suspects' alibis and getting to the truth of the matter an interesting thought, there's much to love here. You're also equipped with a handy device that sniffs evidence out, which makes you feel even more like an investigator or detective.

Murder on Eridanos' cast of characters is memorable, from an elderly actor well past his prime to the homicidal head of a shifty, legally dubious organization known as SLUG. Most of the main cast are suspects for the case, and I was constantly questioning who the real culprit was along the way. While I did have a lot of fun attempting to solve the true mystery in Murder on Eridanos, the real solution to the case made me feel like my work was for nothing. That no matter what my findings and conclusions were in the case, the same result would happen regardless of my choice. This is disappointing because Obsidian had the opportunity to create a mystery that, if not thoroughly investigated, could remain unsolved.

Murder on Eridanos
The hotel lobby in this DLC is an impressive one.

Enjoy Your Time on Eridanos

While the asteroid of The Outer Worlds' first DLC was creative, it didn't look or feel as alien as the other worlds in the Halcyon Colony. Eridanos was much more to my liking and proves that Obsidian does masterful work when it comes to creating visually striking, unique locations. Right from the start, you're met with the sight of several floating islands propulsed by giant rocket jets and connected via a network of bridges. Not the most "safe" looking location, but it sure is pretty.

Speaking of pretty, the grounds of the hotel itself, where you'll be spending much time, is spectacular. The pristine, grandiose look of this towering building is equally impressive on the inside. Bustling bellhops and chatting citizens from Byzantium add atmosphere to the hotel. Down below, the employees of the said hotel are treated much worse, with sprats infesting every corner and even dead bodies rotting in between walls.

My intent in explaining the hotel in such vivid detail is because that I was left very impressed with the minute details Obsidian put into every inch of this DLC. Not to mention the other areas, such as the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve, filled with lush and bright vegetation and crawling with all manner of nasty beasts waiting to be hunted; or rather, hunt you. I would go as far as to say this is my favorite area in The Outer Worlds, and it's rather sizable and full of side-quests too. There's a lot of fun to be had, even after you do the main story of Murder on Eridanos.

Murder on Eridanos
Quite the ostentatious display, isn't it?

Murder on Eridanos | Final Thoughts

Other than the mystery being a, well, mystery again and the result of the story being inconsequential, my other gripe is the limited benefits to the player. Other than just a few extra level-ups, the gear you receive is more of the same. I didn't find any of the handful of new science weapons intriguing (give us non-science users something to play with!), nor did I find any armor that benefited me. Ultimately, I was in it for the story, but a few new pieces of gear to play with would have been nice, too.

I give my farewell to The Outer Worlds, as this is, at least purportedly, the final DLC of this title. Murder on Eridanos offers a wide array of exciting and hilarious conversations, which is The Outer Worlds' greatest strength. The location itself, Eridanos, is an enjoyable new area to explore. I can confidently say that my farewell with this game was one that I will remember fondly.

TechRaptor reviewed The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos on Steam with a copy provided by the publisher. The DLC is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Review Summary

Say farewell to The Outer Worlds with its final DLC, offering an adventure full of witty dialogue and the best location the game has to offer. (Review Policy)


  • Funny, Well-written Dialogue
  • Beautiful New Zone to Explore
  • A Good Amount of Side Quests, Too


  • It's Another Mystery, and an Unfulfilling One at That
  • Not Many New Weapons or Armor

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