Marsback Zephyr Pro Review

Published: September 7, 2021 1:00 PM /


Marsback Zephyr Pro

Making the distinction between a gimmick and a feature can often be a hard thing to do. Does its function outweigh its purpose? Are you buying it for a central purpose? Is it something to show your friends? These are all questions to get to the center of that idea, but even then it’s hard to really know. The Marsback Zephyr Pro has had these questions rolling around in my brain for the last month and I still don’t know where it falls.

How does it look? 

This is a rather striking mouse in a few ways. It is fitted with a unique honeycomb design. This essentially means a bunch of holes have been punched out of the frame, letting you see its internals. This could definitely put some off, but I quite like its design. It's flashy but not too full of itself - fun as opposed to pretentious. 

Apart from the logo on the side, there is no more writing or any central art on the mouse, letting it stand out without offending the eyes. The RGB, when turned on, looks great having the bottom cycle through colors while the top stays fairly consistent. You could have them pulse slowly or scroll through quickly by clicking the button underneath, a nice little touch. 

Marsback Zephyr Pro

Added to this is a software you can download from their site to customize both the lighting and buttons you can use. It’s not revolutionary but it works just fine, a decent add-on that I likely wouldn't have downloaded if I weren’t reviewing the mouse. 

Now, this moves us onto the elephant in the room, the fairly noticeable fan directly under that honeycomb base. When it’s spinning, it works well with the RGB and doesn't draw the eye too much. This is a good choice to focus the eyes elsewhere and have the fan more or less do its own thing. A graphic or other design on the fan might have been a little too much. 

How does it feel? 

Speaking of the fan, it works exactly how it should, it blows cool air onto your hand as you use it, creating a fairly pleasant experience, especially over the last month as the days have been very hot. It’s a nice little feature that rarely feels invasive. On the other hand, there’s only two modes to it - off or on. It would be nice to be able to turn it up or down.

Although it’s a pleasant experience, the fan is a little weak. An option to make it stronger would be good. Luckily, the mouse feels great to use. If it didn’t control well, it wouldn’t be worth it for the fan alone, but as a pretty good mouse, it just adds to that experience. It has little drag on most surfaces, feels comfortable in the hand, and the fan just leaves it feeling a little more pleasant. 

Marsback Zephyr Pro

Just above the scroll wheels sits a DPI switch that can change between the presets in the app. Aside from this, there are two buttons on the left hand side, good for moving back and forth through pages on the internet. You can also find buttons on the bottom of the mouse for controlling the fan and the lights. This means you won’t be able to turn them while in the middle of a gunfight but I never felt the urge to do so. For the most part, there was very little tinkering with the Marsback Zephyr Pro - I just plugged it in and used it. It could perhaps benefit from a few extra buttons somewhere, but then this would undermine the more minimalistic design of its key functions. 

Marsback Zephyr Pro - Verdict

The Marsback Zephyr Pro surprised me in a few major ways. I wasn’t expecting it to look so pretty, I didn’t think I’d get much use out of the fan, and I wasn't expecting it to be one of my favorite mice, but somehow I was wrong about all my preconceptions. There are definite places it could be better like a stronger and more customizable fan or better software, but in my first outing with Marsback, I got a surprisingly cool mouse.  

The Marsback Zephyr Pro was provided by Marsback and can be purchased on their site now. 

Review Summary

The Marsback Zephyr Pro is a solid mouse with one very interesting feature. This is worth a try if you can test it out. (Review Policy)
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