Lucidsound LS50X Review

The LucidSound LS50X is a sturdy and pricey wireless pair of headphones with tons of selling points. Is it worth the money? Our review

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Lucidsound LS50X

Choosing the right headset for you is often a culmination of small things: how it looks, how it feels, what its intended purpose is. Where some focus primarily on their connectivity, others focus on how much bass it can get into your ears. Some may want the most comfortable experience where others just want good sound. The LucidSound LS50X offers all of this at a steep premium. 

LucidSound - LS50X How does it look?

The first thing I noticed taking the LS50X out of its box was its size. It's a hefty headset, and that weight directly translates to its sturdiness. It's all black and grey and looks quite like a gamer headset. It has some angular details and a rather large attached mic. The mic can be taken off at any point, leaving it as a normal headset. Aside from the LucidSound name on the top and some stickers on the side, there's little design elsewhere. 

Lucidsound LS50X

What is immediately noticeable are the huge ear cups. Covered in foam, they are worth that rather large size. You can also find foam at the very top where it places on your head, a nice touch that adds an extra layer of comfort when you put it on. 

LucidSound LS50X - How does it work?

The LucidSound LS50X is a very comfortable headset that fits snugly without applying too much pressure. Its large size and big ear cups don't provide much isolation, and background noise filters in, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Their sense of comfort makes them pretty good when not gaming. Although they come with a small dongle to connect to the Xbox, they can pair to your phone wirelessly to use on the go. 

Connecting to the phone is as easy as flicking the bluetooth button on the side, and connecting to the dongle is just as easy. Just plug it into your Xbox and turn the headset on. If you have any problems, they come with a QR sticker on the side that runs you through set up and use, a great little addition. It's not a particularly difficult headset to get going, but the extra information and instructions take a little bit of the worry away from getting it all set up and ready to go. 

Overall, they sound great with the higher range coming through nice and clear. For some, their bass could probably be a little better, but this is more of a nitpick than a genuine criticism. The mic clarity and use is also solid, though not as good as it possibly could be. Other players can certainly hear you fine but it won't beat a dedicated mic.  On the side, you can find an on button, the bluetooth button, a mic slot, USB-C, and even a place for an aux cord, a nice little touch. 

Lucidsound LS50X

Although it comes with the ability to plug it in, you will likely never need it. I charged it up every few days and didn't run out of battery once. This battery is estimated to last up to 20 hours, and with non intensive use, this is a believable estimation. The best sound experience is achieved through the dongle, and when playing games, it works great. I've been playing quite a lot of spooky games recently and the fantastic soundtrack of Little Nightmares 2 has been in my ears constantly. It manages to capture the highs of choir voices and the lows of rumbling towns very well. It has a dynamic and expressive sound profile equally suited to music or games. 

The experience of using the LS50X is a good one, be it listening to your favorite movies or playing your favorite games. It's comfortable and feels very natural on the head but also has a great sound and decent look. As a sum of its parts, it offers a great jack of all trades, even if some individual components could be a little better. 

LucidSound LS50X Review | Verdict

The LucidSound LS50X is an excellent all rounder with great connectivity and a generally immersive listening experience. Although it could benefit from better connectivity without a dongle or a slightly better mic, it has slowly become one of my favorite headsets - justifying that hefty price tag. 

The LucidSound LS50X was provided by LucidSound and can be purchased on their site now or via Amazon (affiliate). 

Review Summary

The LucidSound LS50X is a fantastic set of headphones. With a sturdy build and good sound quality, there's a lot to love here, even if its price point can be a little offputting (Review Policy)

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