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The LucidSound LS35X is a premium wireless headset with an equally premium look. Does it make up for its price tag? Our Review:

Published: April 16, 2022 11:00 AM /

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LucidSound LS35X

Finding a headset in that cost sweet spot is always hard to do. Should you spend a little more right now to get a year of extra use? Should you go cheap and buy something more expensive when it feels like the obvious choice? Where is the perfect spot in between these two thoughts? With expansive sound, good functions and great connectivity, the LucidSound LS35X is the sweet spot. 

LucidSound LS35X - How does it look? 

Though it has a handful of colors to choose from, the model I got was rose gold and makes use of its flashy color scheme to show off a really nice looking headset. Initially, it comes with a few stickers on the side but these are instructions on how to use it and can be peeled off as soon as they've outlasted their purpose. Outside of a pretty big "LucidSound" written on the top, it holds little branding and can be used in a more inconspicuous way than most headsets. 

Lucidsound LS35X

The rose gold is more of a secondary color here and the central color is white. It uses the contrast well to accentuate the nicest parts of the headset. The look hides how sturdy and strong the frame of the LucidSound LS35X feels. It holds a padded top and heavy ear cups that makes the whole thing look very solid. This is something that comes through in use. 

LucidSound LS35X - How does it work? 

Those stickers on the headset come with a QR code that goes over everything you need to know to get everything going. On PC, you need built in Xbox Wireless capabilities or an Xbox Wireless adapter. It's a little bit of a shame it doesn't have easier ways of connecting but this is designed to be an Xbox headset and does that incredibly well. You can connect this to your Xbox just like an Xbox controller - by clicking the connect button and finding it. It really is this simple and works instantly. You can connect to other devices with a 3.5mm jack but it won't connect to your phone without one. 

Lucidsound LS35X

Once it's on, it may take you a little while to get used to the built-in controls. You can move the dial on the left earcup up and down to change the volume. You can then click it in to mute all sound. Over on the right ear cup, you can move it up and down to change the focus from in-game sound to in-game chat and vice versa. The right side, being the designated chat side, then mutes your mic if you click it in. As well as this, if you unplug the built-in headset, a backup mic can be accessed from within the headset. If you want to take it on the go and don't want a mic in your way, it can still be used as a normal headset. These are all excellent choices that make it standout among the competition. 

It helps that it sounds fantastic. As someone who mostly listens to music from their phone, this not only got me to download Spotify on my Xbox but has secured its place on my hard drive for some time. Everything just works together incredibly. It connects easily, charges reasonably quickly and has a really solid battery life. Regularly lasting upwards of ten hours, it practically never ran out of battery while I used it. 

Lucidsound LS35X

Moving over to games, Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos compatibility leave its already great earcups feeling and sounding even better - giving distinct and clear direction in multiplayer games and the right kind of atmosphere in singleplayer titles. It also helps that the earcups have a memory foam base and cloth liner. After hours of use, it doesn't leave that uncomfortable mark that some headsets leave. 

Ultimately, the LucidSound LS35X offer an incredibly appealing package at a premium price point. It may be a little more expensive than some other BlueTooth headphones but more than makes up for it in use. There are certainly some areas I would like to see improved but it outshines these negatives. Slightly more robust wireless connectivity would go a long way and the need for Xbox Wireless on your PC is a little bit of a shame - mostly because it impedes me using one of the best headsets out there in its best form. 

Lucidsound LS35X

LucidSound LS35X Review | Verdict 

The LucidSound LS35X is an incredibly strong headset in its price point and range. It looks great, sounds even better and has enough little features to give it some complexity long term. It feels a little different to some headset with its controls but ends up feeling much better after you get used to it. As well as this, flawless Xbox compatibility and a really solid battery life leave it as one of the best headsets I've used. It could perhaps benefit from some wireless connectivity with phones and other platforms but it makes up for this in a great feel and sound quality.

The LucidSound LS35X was provided by the LucidSound and can be purchased here. 

Review Summary

The LucidSound LS35X is an incredibly strong headset in its price point and range. It looks great, sounds even better and has enough little features to give it some complexity long term (Review Policy)

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