Little King's Story to Release for PC on August 5th

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In 2009, XSeed and the now-defunct CiNG released Little King's Story on Wii, a Pikmin-like strategy game set in a darkly comedic fairy tale world. While it gained a cult following from those who played it, it's cartoony appearance on top of its Wii exclusivity led it to fade into relative obscurity. However, thanks to nothing short of a miracle, XSeed and Marvelous will be bringing a revamped port of the title to PC on August 5th.

Little King's Story centers around Corobo, a young child who finds himself thrust upon the throne of a struggling kingdom, and is tasked with leading the lazy villagers into a quest for world domination. Along the way, he encounters many Unidentified Mysterious Animals and strange kings, all hoping to stop the young ruler in his tracks.

While it may be an HD port, the PC version of Little King's Story will only feature more polished version of the original graphics as opposed to the anime-esque visuals seen in the 2012 Vita remake New Little King's Story. As to be expected for a Steam release, there will be achievements, trading cards, and community items. On top of all of this, the port will feature Xinput and DirectInput controller  support along with the obligatory mouse and keyboard setup.

Little King's Story will release on Steam, Good Old Games, and the Humble Store on August 5th.

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While it was criminally overlooked upon its original release, Little King's Story just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite Wii games. It's juxtaposition of a dark story and sense of humor with a pastel art style captured my heart, and the fun mixture of city building and real-time strategy had me hooked. While I certainly didn't expect it to get a PC port, I'm not complaining in the slightest.

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