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We could all use someone saying something nice to us. However, it's occasionally tough to actually find someone willing to sit down and listen. So we turn towards the anomaly of the internet, hoping that the good responses will outweigh the bad. In steps the, rather hilariously named, Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to), a game all about listening to other's problems and offering them some kind words in trying times.

It really is that simple too. Kind Words sees you sitting in a small room and writing letters. You have three options on what you want to do. This has you write a little encouraging quote or platitude that you promptly launch out the window like a paper airplane. Other players will see paper airplanes float by and, should they click on one, it will open up and display the message. It doesn't go into the serious problem solving Kind Words seems to want to do, but it is a nice little thing. More than once, I found myself opening notes and smiling at what was inside.

Fears and Tears

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I love this deer

The real meat comes from requests. You can write out specific problems you're having and seek help. Other players can then respond to these problems with, well, kind words. There's enough space to usually write about a paragraph, which should hopefully be enough to get your feelings across. You don't have to help solve problems, a supportive voice may be all someone needs. Just knowing they're not the only person in the world with problems helps, and make a world of difference. So, I put Kind Words to the test.

I've been having sporadic nightmares for quite some time. Specifically, these nightmares are that I'm suffocating. My tongue is too big for my mouth, my throat is swelling up, I can't drink anything or swallow any water. I feel that my clogged nasal cavity blocking my breathing at every turn. Without fail, these nightmares always end with me waking up in a panic, quickly trying to catch my breath and assure myself that I'm not actually suffocating. Is it sleep apnea? Possibly, but it's wrecking my sleep cycle and stresses me out. So I put out a request that I kept simple. I'm having nightmares where I'm suffocating and waking up terrified. I then shut Kind Words off and played a couple of hours of Metro: Exodus.

The Deer Wears a Hat and I Love It

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I honestly did not expect a reaction like this

When I came back to Kind Words I had 7 responses, which is more than I actually expected for what felt like a silly problem. Some of the responses were just platitudes, assuring me that things would be okay and that they understood my problem. Others contained advice, like how I should limit screen time before sleep or how I can help prevent nightmares by having something sugary before bed. All seven responses felt genuine. They all felt like real people who were attempting to help and assure me that, in the end, it really will be okay.

There is also a small in-game incentive to write these letters. Every day you write at least one letter, the mail deer will visit. He's a regular visitor with a very specific hobby of creating mixtapes and sharing them with friends. You start the game with four lo fi chill beats, but every day you can earn one more. As you do this, you'll also learn about the mail deer some, who suffers from their own anxieties. The good news is, I love the mail deer and they're now my best friend. In addition, you can trade stickers through the letters. Each sticker turns into a little toy that decorates your room.

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) Review | Final Thoughts

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I can't say I'm very good at motivational advice but I gave it my best

Really, the point of Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) is to make the world feel a little less lonely. In that, it really succeeds dramatically. I absolutely love popping Kind Words open and checking out who needs help and seeing what I can do for them. Plus, getting a few nice messages, while it doesn't really solve my issues, at least makes me feel better. It's nice knowing I'm not the only person who's suffocating in their dreams and some ideas on what I can do to get better. It makes the world a little less scary of a place.


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Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) has the one major goal of making the world less lonely, and it manages that exceedingly well. (Review Policy)


  • Great Lo Fi Beats
  • Heartwarming Community
  • Mail Deer is the Best


  • Not Much to Do Outside of Writing

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