Gravity Rush Remastered Video Review: Fly Like An Eagle

Published: February 2, 2016 12:05 PM /

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Coming in at $29.99 and hitting store shelves today, Gravity Rush Remastered takes the cult hit PlayStation Vita game and brings it to the PlayStation 4, with a nice fresh coat of paint. This comes as a prelude to the announced Gravity Rush 2 that's coming down the road. Because I'm one of the YouTubers of TechRaptor, this is of course in a video format, as you can see below.

As a general summary of the video, the game has some rough elements to it in an overall package sense, but the game's flight mechanics are rather enjoyable in the long run. A great staring character in Kat helps you get into the game's story, which excels in characterization but flounders at cohesion. The game plays well, with controls that take a tiny bit to get used to, but do their job for the most part. There is something exhilarating about flying from enemy to enemy, kicking them in the face, and then setting up the next enemy to fall down. The port itself is pretty, doing well in performance and slapping a nice coat of paint on the game. I do wish that some of the minor issues with the original game's draw distance and missing features such as a restart mission option were fixed here, but I was pleasantly surprised the game played as well as it did (although my expectations were extremely low after playing a game of a similar concept in Rodea the Sky Soldier for the Wii U). The game took about thirteen hours to beat in terms of the main story and all the story side missions, while doing about half of the optional missions within the game as well.

It's one of the good remastered versions out there and it's a good time as any to take a look at what was a classic Vita game, and is worth the price of admission in the end, especially for those fans of soaring in the sky. 

TechRaptor was given a copy of the game for the purposes of review. It was reviewed on the PlayStation 4 platform.

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Taking to the skies is a fun but slightly rocky experience, but was fun through it's 10+ hour flight.

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